Should the Church Teach Tithing?
1. Origin and Definition of Tithing
2. Genesis 14:20 Abraham, Melchizedek, Arab Custom and Tithing
3. Genesis 28:22 Jacob's Bargain With God
4. Numbers 18: The Obscure Statute/Ordinance of Tithing
5. Leviticus 27:30-34 Tithing and Holy and Most Holy Statutes
6. Tithes Replaced Land Inheritance
7. How Many Tithes? 10%, 20%, or 23 1/3rd%?
8. Deuteronomy 12 and 14: Strange Facts about Tithing
9. The Poor and Jesus Did Not Tithe
10. Kings, Tithes and Taxes: Levites with Political Jobs
11. 2nd Chronicles 31 Explains Malachi
12. Nehemiah 10-13: Historical Context of Malachi
13a. Commentary on Malachi 1 and 2: Cursing the Priests for Stealing
13b. Malachi 3 and 4
14. Matthew 23:23; Luke 11:42 Supporting the Old Covenant and Its Interpreters
15. Luke 18:12 A Pharisee's Boast about Tithing
16. Acts 15 and 21: Compromise Divided the Jerusalem Church
17. Hebrews 8; 2nd Corinthians 3; A Better New Covenant; MARTIN LUTHER
18. The Mosaic Law and the "Law" of Christ; MATT 5:17-19
19. Hebrews 7: Extremely Important
20. Ephesians 2:14-16; Colossians 2:13-17: Law Ordinances Ended
21. 1 Peter 2:9-10: Your Priesthood Abolishes Tithing
22. 1 Corinthians 9: Using Christian Liberty to Refuse Christian Rights [2007]
23. 1 Corinthians 16: Principles for Giving to the Needy
24. 1 Timothy 5:17: Worthy of Double Honor
25. Miscellaneous Objections
26. Chafer and Walvoord on New Covenant Giving
27. 2 Corinthians 8 and 9: Principles of Grace Giving
28. Acts 20:16-35: Paul's Sermon is Not Preached
29. Secular History of Tithing
30. Tithing Principles for Tithe-Teaching Churches
31. Spreading the Gospel
58% of Evangelical Leaders Reject Tithing, April 2011
Et essay: Tiende er ikke en kristen lære
Dizimar não é uma doutrina cristã
Un ensayo: el diezmar no es una doctrina cristiana
If We Don't Preach Tithing, How Do We Pay the Church Bills?
MATTHEW 5:17-19
PROSPERITY GOSPEL: Jones and Woodbridge
Web Sites Which Discuss This Book and Tithing
Where in the Bible Were Tithes Abolished?

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Should the Church Teach Tithing?
A Theologian's Conclusions about a Taboo Doctrine
Russell Earl Kelly, PHD


video essay

London Video Debate, Mar 2011


“Next to the Bible this book will change your life. It is that theologically sound and powerful. There are many good theological books on this subject, but this book (theological, academic, not for the faint of heart) should be read by anyone wanting the ‘facts’ as related to scripture, time and history and the church.” S. Taylor, printed in Christianity Today, The Ancient Rise and Recent Fall of Tithing letter to the editor. 

**3-6-2007: PASTOR: "In the past few weeks I have found the truth about not tithing. I have been a minister for 23 years and have pastored for 10 of those years. I regret to say I was deceived and deceived others, but no more. I had been searching for truth on tithing for years." TN, Church of God, Keith M.


4-8-2018P: I give the greatest glory to God for the existence of people like in this our fast ailing world of today.

I am Brother Isaac Ndeego Nelson a principal of BETH BIBLE COLLEGE in Ghana. We have been operating a free Bible College for the past 6 years not just because we have more than enough or because we have sponsors; but we were convince by the Holy spirit to emulate the good works or path that the great Apostle have laid for us to follow. Coupled with great task we have chosen not take support Tithe because to us it is not Biblical.

In Africa it is not easy going that direction due to the gross misconceptions of curses if you don’t Tithe and high poverty levels of people especially those in Ministry, as a result Tithing has become the main motivation for Ministry so speaking against it is like Jesus declaring his body as bread and his blood as drink that qualifies you to access the kingdom (John 6:60-70) . Despite all these challenges, we have been very consistent because we are not after popularity.

But one fundamental thing that has been missing is getting people that could mentor, coach and motivate us to continue this great fight of transformation, so when I came across this website, I became so exited and fulfilled upon seeing the accuracy and clarity of your presentation. Though I am not a fun of the web, but this site have captivated me to always be on the net reading tour articles and watching your videos on YouTube. Sir God richly bless you for this great move. I will always remember you in prayers.

 I will like to end this mail with a single request though i know it be very difficult to accept but please kindly consider it for me. I WILL WANT YOU TO BE MY PERSONAL MENTOR AND THEOLOGICAL FATHER AS PAUL DID TO TIMOTHY.

 Thanks for loving me though never seen.

10-13-2018; Craig L., MBA, PHD

I wanted to let you that I deeply appreciate your book on tithing.  I was a Pastor for several years, and I know churches need money, however, there are so many abuses of finances in the body of Christ, not to mention the crooks on TV who want you to tithe to their ministry.

I graduated from Covington way back in 91 with Masters degree.   Your work is very scholarly and thorough exegesis and  sound.  You have a massive knowledge of the Old Testament beyond most people, if anyone reads the book with an open mind, the evidence is clear along with the verdict, that OT tithing was for Food and not money, that Jesus was poor and eat ears of corn with his disciples certainly cuts across the grain of health and wealth preachers.    

Thank you for writing this book and speaking to the church about this issues, many Pastors are greedy for money and have gotten rich by fleecing their flocks, they will stand before God on the matter.

It's not popular in American to teach Jesus was actually poor, but, its the truth, he was not here on earth to amass earthly riches and wealth, he came to accomplish the mission of dying on the cross and saving those who would simply put their trust in him and follow him.

God bless you Dr Kelly, 

3-2-2018 (with permission)  Jimmy Bedding <
Top man:I am using your teachings to release many at the moment in Uganda - a school of 900 are going to be educated on the art of giving without being in bondage - the false prosperity message has poisoned many.A door opened. I have a brother I am now supporting monthly - he is good ground and leading the work there.Your book is only one of 20 I was allowed to keep out of 300 - as the Lord directed.I think Billy Graham’s passing is a wake up call. 

11-26-2012  For a while now I have been fighting what I have been told at church about tithing; all the while pondering the very fact if I were indeed under grace, then am I under a curse that Christ died to redeem me from. Your research is a God-send and I am so glad to have found your site. ... Brian H.

11-24-2012 Thank you for your website. It is a treasure that the church at large needs so much. Josh S

11-7-12 We have enjoyed reading your extensive tithing website. Our pastor is still using the Malachi curse verse. Can we speak to you on the phone sometime? ... Martha C. NOte: Yes. 678-643-0866 

10-25-2012 Bravo on your website!!!! My husband and I had grown so tired of being beaten to death with sermons regarding tithes, “seed planting” and new building fund drives. We no longer attend a “formal” church but have fellowship in our home and the homes of others who have grown tired of the “Church of the ATM”. I myself am thoroughly disgusted with various televangelists/preachers for guilting people in to giving. The only people getting rich are the ones preaching falsely and that should be a BIG sign to the flock! But the flock is being lulled to sleep having their ears tickled with twisted teachings and Hollywood-style worship. Laziness prevails temporarily! If all people were intended to be rich than why is there any mention of the poor in scripture? Jesus instructed the young man to give away his riches away to the poor in Mark 10:17-27. Jesus did not say “give some to me”. I will be following your website and directing others to reference it. Thank you for your hard work! C. M.


10-19-2012 Thank you soooo much for that website. Freedom from the law. Freedom in Christ at last. You kick tithing -- it changes your whole life. You gain in everything the perspective of Christ. Dan S.

10-17-2012 As I was doing some research on Malachi 3:10 I came across your material. I was greatly impressed. Thank you so much for your time and effort on training up the body of Christ. I hope God continues to provide many platforms for you to preach the great news and freedom that we have in Christ. Joe Smith


9-4-2012 The abuse of NT giving freedom is an indication of a greater problem. We are entering dangerous times in which errors in doctrine and practice are entering into leadership positions. ... Many leaders in independent churches no longer [study and apply hermeneutics]. ... Open disagreement will cause too much trouble. Larry A.   

9-4-2012 The abuse of NT giving freedom is an indication of a greater problem. We are entering dangerous times in which errors in doctrine and practice are entering into leadership positions. ... Many leaders in independent churches no longer [study and apply hermeneutics]. ... Open disagreement will cause too much trouble. Larry A.   
9-14-2012 I'm a ....  and I have just finished reading one of your rebuttals on tithing. As a minister of the gospel as well, I must say, "WOW".
I have seen numerous churches take up large amounts of money and rarely see any of that money used to help those that are truly in need. Instead another offering is asked for to help those who are in pressing financial strain. Never is a check written out of the "storehouse's" account to help people.
Seeing this happen at my church and others I have grown weary of giving tithes and had changed my entire thought process in regards to it. I haven't tithed in almost a year and I feel fine about it. However, I do give when I am led to do so. In my studying of scriptures for the basis of tithing I ran across some of your rebuttals.
You are a blessing to those who are burdened by the thought that God is going to curse them if they don't pay 10% of what they earn. I have taught and spoken to others on the truth of tithing and you have given me even more BIBLICAL ammunition to show people the truth.
I have been met with some scrutiny but I refuse to lay down for a system that is man's doing and has nothing to do with God. It's a travesty that so many in church are struggling and a minister is constantly telling them to "Dig Deep" when their refrigerators are full, homes are luxurious, and have full tanks of gas in multiple cars.
.... I thank you for the insight and truth that you speak about in regards to the area of tithing. It is so true that God's people perish for a lack of knowledge. Be blessed.
John L
I have seen numerous churches take up large amounts of money and rarely see any of that money used to help those that are truly in need. Instead another offering is asked for to help those who are in pressing financial strain. Never is a check written out of the "storehouse's" account to help people.
Seeing this happen at my church and others I have grown weary of giving tithes and had changed my entire thought process in regards to it. I haven't tithed in almost a year and I feel fine about it. However, I do give when I am led to do so. In my studying of scriptures for the basis of tithing I ran across some of your rebuttals.
You are a blessing to those who are burdened by the thought that God is going to curse them if they don't pay 10% of what they earn. I have taught and spoken to others on the truth of tithing and you have given me even more BIBLICAL ammunition to show people the truth.
I have been met with some scrutiny but I refuse to lay down for a system that is man's doing and has nothing to do with God. It's a travesty that so many in church are struggling and a minister is constantly telling them to "Dig Deep" when their refrigerators are full, homes are luxurious, and have full tanks of gas in multiple cars.
.... I thank you for the insight and truth that you speak about in regards to the area of tithing. It is so true that God's people perish for a lack of knowledge. Be blessed.
John L

8--2012 INDIA MISSIONARY: I founded Faith in God ministries which now has more than a thousand members among the poor tribals in West Bengal. I receive my support from my dear friends in Norway so I was never receiving support from the poor Indians. However, I had up to recently been teaching tithing, which was something I had heard from pastors I looked up to like (name withheld by request). One day I suddenly found myself asking: Is tithing really for the New Covenant? Before I started to research the Holy Spirit revealed to me that it was NOT. I've read your website and I appreciate your teaching. Just wanted to encourage you by telling that last Saturday I taught our pastors that from now on we're not teaching tithing in Faith in God churches anymore. This was also my topic today in Sunday service. I've got good replies. For a decade I've been under this bondage of tithes but now I'm free and I'm also teaching it out loud and clear. So this month hundreds if not thousands of precious christians will get out of this heresy. Before I actively started to search for those teaching against tithes, I've hardly ever heard anyone teach against it. Lars, Missionary to India from Norway


7-23-2012 PASTOR: I want to thank you for your excellent online book on tithing issues. I have gone back to study in-depth again all your biblical citations to buttress your arguments against tithing, and, I must confess, you have done an excellent job on it. I always believe that tithing belonged to the Old Covenant era (I studied that in the seminary anyway) and that it does not apply to New Covenant Christians. I shudder when I visit churches and pastors use Malachi 3:8-12 to bamboozle their members into giving them money.


You have done an excellent job. G J A

6-6-2012; PASTOR: SOUTH AFRICA: I have been teaching tithing for ten years at our local church as an associate pastor. ... threE months ago I stumbled upon your work by accident and carefully studied it. It is so complete that it changed my entire perception concerning the tithe. In fact, I'm still studying your work on a daily basis as I want to be fully equiped. ... I waa accused of spreading a false doctrine. ... I've been totally banned from preaching aNd am awaiting the final verdict. ... I'm convicted that what your book teaches is absolutely sound. Thanks for changing my thinking. Now I'm on a mission to spread the truth. Pastor M.

6-12-2012: I'm overwhelmed by your school of thought and research.  ... What worries me is that even pastors from Bible schools could not cchange me. How could I be correct and the whole world, including my pastor be wrong?

6-2-2012: NEW ZEALAND: Just writing to say hello and also to encourage you in your ministry. You have been doing a grand job and I salute you. Thanks so much for having the courage to expose the tithing error. The Lord bless you in mighty ways. My prayers are with you. Keep up the great work. Love your debates. Joe G.

5-29-2012 I just assimilated your book into the store of information I have gleaned fom 7 such books on the web. ... Yours is the most academic.  Cliff, London

5-18-2012: I am a recently accepted student in the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana in their joint degree program of M.Div/M.A. Mental Health, plus the Tyndale University M.A. of Biblical Languages.  ... I am now a member of the Church of God. ... I have chosen your work as a reference to my biographic development. which I will use in my thesis already in development.  ... [Quotes my essay introduction which ends in "This doctrine is simply too important to ignore."]    This statement I am prepared to take the flack I know I am about to take.  In due time I would hope that you would be in a position to read some of my thesis... You and your eye opening ministry will be in my prayers.  C.

5-11-2012: Thank you so much. You have some really good thoughts. I can see where the Word has been corrupted and twisted by greed. ... The storeahouse part of your teaching was just so good.  V. P.

5-4-2012 I am glad I ran into your well written article. I ran into doubts about tihing awhile back. After the Pastor of my church began beating us up with tithing 3 weeks in a row I actually studied Malachi and realized that the missuse of 3:10 was terrible. The Pastor recieve's a salary of 4 times that of our poorest members yet he continues to demand the tithe of people that cannot feed theirselves. It is a shame that so many people must suffer undully and are duped into believing that their extra suffering will give them that which our lord gave all of us with no strings attached. Thanks John

4-24-2012 Thanks so much for replying to me.I really appreciate it.I have just watched you on Youtube debating Pastor Mike Kola Ewuosho.Certainly a very interesting debate. I have to congratulate you for a convincing argument.I was most impressed with your response to Pastor Mike. May you continue to debate this issue as it is misleading alot of Christians especially newly born again Christians. Keep up the great work. My prayers are with you. The Lord bless you and your ministry in mighty ways. Kind regards, Joseph

4-23-2012: Just writing to thank you for exposing the tithing issue.I have watched you with interest debating on Youtube and have found your argument most compelling.I take this opporturnity to thank you for bringing the tithing issue to debate and bringing it to light.I personally believe that tithing according to the Old Testament should be explained more thoroughly and with more clarity.I believe most people in the church today tithe due to ignorance and appeasement to church authority. Please continue the debate.Its really needed. Love your ministry and what you are accomplishing. You're doing a grand job. I am praying for you.God bless you and your ministry in mighty ways. I would really love to hear from you. Thanks so much for your time. All the best and God bless. JG

4-16-2012: KENYA: Thank you because of the good work you are doing on your blog.  I am a Kenyan. The Gospel has lost the Great Commission. Here the preachers are preaching the gospel of condemnation and prosperity. May God bless you with more wisdom and knowledge to continue . Your reading material has really helped me. Your teaching has opened my understandking.  EM

3-26-2012: I read your book and am currently rereading it and I'm blown away.  ... My conflict has made me a lone wolf. (long letter). Dan M.

3-26-2012: I read your book and am currently rereading it (so as to catch anything I missed the first time), and I'm blown away. ... I think that my pastor himself is very unsure about the Old Covenant and what applies and what doesn't. D.M.

3-16-2012: I just saw your post about Dave Ramsey on tithing. ... Rick Warren's compulsory tithing covenants are the opposite of freedom in Christ and put Christians under the bondage of the law. ... I heard you on Church Folk Revolution blog radio and will listen to you on Susan Puzio's Prophetic News blog radio. Author James Sundquist 

3-14-2012: REVELATION TV DEBATE: My wife and i would like to thank you for all your hard work, research, and information you have put out about tithing and its concepts. I came across your debate with Rev. Mkie and was very excited to hear your information and we have been going strong since.  I have shared your information with many of our friends and family members.  Ray R. 

3-12-2012: After some research I found your clips and many others which have given answers to my questions. ... Everything in me is screaming out in agreement.  ... Much love. Keep on. K. M.

3-11-2012: I would like to translate your book into Portuguese. Your web site made a whole transformation in the way I interpret the subject of tithes. Here in Brazil the church is led by pastors whose only purpose is to get rich.  Mario A. . Note: The essay is already in Portuguese. I did give permission for free.

3-4-2012: I just came across your web site yesterday and I love it!  Thank you for researching this subject so thoroughly. ... Our desire is to make so much money that we can give 99%  ... because we love God and want  to further spread the gospel  and help the poor. Paul P.

3-4-2012: Thank you for your article DAVE RAMSEY'S GREAT ERROR.  ... Most Christians would rather put themselves under a command that never existed  than to believe that their pastor and most of the mainstream churches may be in error ... I am getting so frustrated.  Roger W.

3-3-2012: thank you for teh historical foundation you give on your work on tithing. ... Many years ago I was marreid to a Mormon high priest.  KH 

2-28-2012 Finally a truthful look at tithing. I attend a Baptist church where the preacher is forevery threatening about not tithing. I must say that it spoils ,my spirit and then maks me question other things. ... We so appreciate men that look beond the boundaries that seem to be set by our authorities. J. N.

2-25-2012 I linked to your article abouit Dave Ramsey on my blog. ... I'm afraid the Lord's warnngs about false teaching in America are going unheeded and what comes next for our country will destroy many many ministries. Larry C.

2-16-2012 Thank you for your teaching. The Lord told me to go read my Bible again from the beginning, prayerfully, because most of what I was taught was wrong.  ... The church tries to beat me down ... Just as I was about to give up, here comes your teaching. God bless you, sir. Now I'm fueled up and ready to take a stand. L. W.

2-15-2012 I commend you for your book. Thank God that there are some intelligent men of God with some integrity in this world. Jonathan H.

2-3-2012 I have listened to your teaching on tithing and just want to say thank you and praise the Lord for this in-depth and honest teaching.  Gerald S., Texas

I would like to thank you for your diligent study of the scriptures, and insistence that the word be taught accurately. I am a believer, and attend a large Baptist church here in …….. I am also a police officer, and frequently do security work at a very large church here called ……... Both teach Tithing, both use the same tactics, (curse of Malachi, etc.) Both are continually building new facilities and hiring staff. Both pay large sums of money as "speaker fees" for big names to come into the church and give a message. What makes me very angry is the yoke they put on struggling young families with children, who literally have trouble some weeks buying gas and groceries. Why doesn't this bother pastors? They say "You need to be obedient (tithe) and have faith that god will take care of you." I think they have it backwards. They (pastors) need to preach the Word of God accurately and have faith that God will take care of their ministry. They also need to humble themselves and realize that God may greatly expand their ministry or he may not. While I don't think the pastors of the above mentioned churches desire to be "filthy rich", I'm sure, like most human beings, they like to be successful and comfortable. The struggle I'm having is with bitterness over the issue, and it has affected my giving. I am taking steps to make my giving sacrificial and regular. I will not tithe. I thank you for letting me vent. I do have a question for you. To what extent should I try to tell others that they are not required to tithe? I fear the Lord, and don't want to be "seditious" in the church. If you can, give me your thoughts on the matter. Thank You, and God Bless

1-11-2012 I am enlightened by God's Words through your teaching. May I translatee parts of your book and introduce the message of God spoken through you to some Chinese Christians?  Christian G. Beijing, China

1-2-2012 I want to thank you so much for your comprehensive book and for making it readily available online. I have recommended it to all my friends at church.  ... May God Almighty bless you in Jesus' name for liberating so many of God's shee-ple who have been enslaved by this false doctrine for far too long. John V.

1-2-2012 PASTOR: Great website and work on tithing. I am an assistant pastor . About a year ago I was almost put out of my church and fired over tithing. ... I teach for a very conservative Bible college and have always been led to study for myself so I presented to my pastor.  Af first he admitted in our private study that I was correct.  (persecution followed) ... I share this just to say Thank You for your work. ... Your work filled in some gaps.  Ed L.

12-28-2011 i just read your tithing essay. How well done. I did not know any of these facts about the Old Covenant tithe. I know what it is like to recive the left foot of fellowship over tithing.  ... I found the tithing of the land so very very interesting. ... Cathy S. Canada

12-23-2011 It was refreshing to hear and read some of your teachings on tithing.  I have found the modern day American church's understanding on giving to be extremely lacking ... I am sure you have endured the wrath of religion over time. Keep up the good work of getting truth out to the body of Christ. Russ G.

12-20-2011 I have been studying the subject of tithing for years and have engaged in numerous phone conversations with faith ministry organizations. You might
be surprised to know how ignorant and arrogant they can be.  Tithing is a subject they know little or nothing about... It seems to me they are folowing the"word of Copeland" or the "word of Dollar... I am glad the truth is getting out and the lies of Kenneth Copeland are being exposed.  Will be praying for you.  Anthony T.

12-19-2011 I saw your site. There has been an overwhelming conviction in my heart to want to do something about the tithing regulation exhibited in many churches today. I feel as you do about the greed and extorton of the people of God  --- they do not know any better to give money to the church which they cannot afford and being told that this is waht the Lord requires. I found you through the CBS site. i just know that God wants to do something abouit this. There has got to b a change.  ... t. W.

12-18-2011: I have been after this tithe thing for a long time. I want to thank you for your research. i have also been watching your videos on You Tube. [I love my pastor, but he is so wrapped up in the error of the tithe.  The universal principle and spiritual law argument seems New Age to me. Dan W.  

12-17-2011: I admire the job you have done by writing your book about tithing.  As a youth leader in the AOG I meet a lot of resistance ... A. D. n Ekurope

12-3-2011 I have been reading your  mateerial on tithing on the internet. So many people are disillusioned with the church because of tithing. G. Sandeers

12-2-2011 Thank you for taking the time to study tithing and glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ .  What a huge mystery this is to many. It needs to be expounded more. W. Turner

11-21-2011: The church I attended was making me feel more guilty than blessed. I started digging in the NT and saw what you confirmed but kept silent. Clarifying the OT tithe was an eye opener... Sadly I think the westernized church has abused the tithing principle and overlooks that giving carries far more weight in the new covenant. ...Kevin B

11-19-2011: I appreciate your insights and citations regarding tithing. It's quite extensive. ... Brian L.

11-10-2011 I acame across your reply to Dave Ramsey. ... How very uplifting and refreshing it was to hear your poignant answers. Truly his questions and answers sounded so foolish in comparison to your sound biblical stance. Thank you. May God bless you. ... Pat O.

10-19-2011: I read many of the articles/debates on you site. Thank you. They are informative. Steve G.

10-16-2011: I was very glad to find your web site after being disgusted with Reformed Baptist Churches teaching tithing especially contrary to Spurgeon whom thy claim to follow. I bought an ad feature for your web site  William

10-10-2011: [Wants my articles in Arabic] G. G.

10-7-2011: I just read your book. I am free from feeling bound . I felt something was not right the way the church told us abouit Malachi 3.  Every Sunday we were cursed from this scripture.  ... Now I can share this with my closest friends. They felt as I did. C. C. Maui, Hawaii

10-2011: I have gradually shifted my thinking towards grace. ... Before learning abouit your writings ... although this change of convictions will not reduce our giving, ... Just want to thank you for articulating these ideas. It is freeing to have clarified my thinking on this issue. Bob Fk.

10-2011: God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. Thank you. Thakk you. Thank you, my Georgia brother. So many of us needed what you and so many others have to say about deliverance. ... I am glad that so many are coming around. ... I did provide links to your site and others. ... Glad I know how to read for myself. ... Thanks for being a part of salvation and your lively response as well. God bless and keep you forever. Dell


8-27-2011: I've read your web site and watched your debate regarding tithing. ... As a preacher's kid I've suffered crippling insecurity over tithing --- trembled all night long as a young girl because of the confusing message. ... I felt manipulated and duped. ... I remain on the outskirts of the church because of this. ... I feel less alone because of your willingness to confront this issue for us who have had no voice. Most just ignore it. So thank you inded. I know your position is not popular. C. H.

8-16-2011: What your web site says in the overview of your book is almost
identical to my essay. You would almost think that we're reading the same Bible
and praying to the same God. Go figure. .... John S.

8-15-2011: You have been a great source for me on the subject of tithing and I want to thank you for that. I love your web site. ... Why don't church leaders realize that when they allow the Spirit to move upon the hearts of men, they give abundantly? Shawma

8-8-2011: I read thought your article on tithing principles. It is mind-blowing. Thank you for the indepth exegesis. ... Since some of the things you touched on aren't new to me, I find a greater insight and rejoice in the truth being shared. The church should teach on the grace of giving rather than the enforcement of tithing. Deji

8-4-2011: Thank you for your well researched article on tithing. ... I still struggle wit feelings of being less than a Chrisian for not tithing. ... Either He loves me, all of me, as I really am, rigth this minute, or He doesn't love me at all. Cheryl H.

7-31-2011: For 20 years I attended a church that preached tithing. The message was always condemning and made me feel hopeless. Even with my wife working we could never come close to 10%. This is one of the reasons I finally stopped attending. It's been 2-3 years now since I stopped attending church and I need to go back. Can you recommend one? ... Thank you for your liberating study of tithing. I feel confident that God must be pleased with your effort and courage. God bless you sir. Edward M.

7-31-2011: Thank you for inspiring me to study the Word diligently with regards to tithing. I watched the video showing the false prophets and how greedy they are in reaching someone's income. My prayer is that God will give me wisdom and search my heart. I prayed for your work and may you continue your fearless act of defending the wisdom God has revealed to you. To God be the glory. Denver C.

Thank you for making your scholarly book, "Should the Church Teach Tithing", available online. It is by far the best Biblical dissertation I have yet read on the subject and is worthy of the many months if not years it took to complete. 
     I enjoy many contemporary teachers from my Pentecostal/Charismatic background teaching wonderfully on Grace but who still apply the Law when preaching on Biblical finances. It seems the last sacred cow of the Law to kill is that of tithing.
     I believe your book and teaching provide great tools for setting many free from the Law and making them free to give as they purpose and as the Holy Spirit leads. It is my firm persuasion that when people are freed to give as their conscience permits that both the giver and receiver benefits.
Many Thanks. Doug B

7-27-2011: I just read the rebuttal with Joyner. His theology is absolutely pathetic, disgusting, hurtful and most of all dishonest to EVERYONE who buys into those deceptions and lies. Why do I feel so strongly? Simple. That's right you guessed it. I was caught up in that garbage for years. It almost destroyed my faith and caused great confusion/depression in my walk with Christ. It is only by His grace and mercy that my faith is still intact. Even now I still will occasionally say to my wife: "Are we cursed?". Because every time something "bad" happens I think it's because we’re not giving ten percent. I was a faithful tither for -- years and God did indeed bless me. But we never had what they claim is "supernatual protection". Nor did we experience the opening up of the "windows of heaven". Don't get me wrong. The blessings of the Lord are many in my life and for that I am grateful to Him. But the idea that we are "cursed with a curse" if we don't give 10% is diabolical. It definiteley will put you in bondage. Also pastors who teach this are not open minded at all when you challenge them in love to a discourse in scripture. They don't want to hear it. That is a result of fear and a lack of integrity as far as I'm concerned.
Well I've since been free from the "prosperity Gospel" for about - years. I can now enjoy the Lord now more than ever trusting Him in all things knowing that our time here on this earth is limited and temporary. The teaching of tithing will cause many to get angry at God because what is taught is a false view of who God is. I appreciate your website and the info.

Michael D

7-20-2011: Finally! Read God-led Bible-based answers to questions I have asked for years. Thank you so much. Bless you. Mark R. MBA

6-26-2011: I'm going to order your book on tithing. I've been doing a lot of research and soul searching on the subject of tithing lately and I have totally enjoyed all of your blogs and information. This is one subject that has just made me really dig into God's Word full force. I am so tired of churches laying this on people and pastors telling their congregations that tithng determines your spiritual maturity. ... Thank you for your work and the information you share. Your work shows your genuine love for God.  Joyce R.

5-25-2011: Thanks for preaching the truth about tithing. Your experience on accountability day with God I'm praying will be a very very good one. I'll try to befriend you too on Facebook. You have kicked some real demon butt with God in you. I have over 60 members in a group that is basically dedicated to your video series called "Tithing and Churches Run Like Companies." I'll see you in heaven. I'll pray for your eyes to get better in Jesus name.  Stan W. in California

5-22-2011: I'm glad I found your web site. I am battling trying to understand how so many well known pastors can teach tithing. How can one have any faith or believe in their teaching if they cannot even correctly divide the word concerning tithing?`

4-15-2011: Thank you very much for all the information on your web site. I have also watched the London Debate on You Tube and found that excellent. I can now totally see why tithing is not for the NT believers and what freedom that has brought. Praise the Lord.  C. B.

4-12-2011: I watched all the debate this evening. What I heard from your opponent was twisting tthe scriptures. He kept repeating that there was a tithe principle in the NT; he alone was the author of the tithe principle. Robert Sanders

3-23-2011: Thank you for having the courage to wrte a book and a web site against the strict practice and teaching of tithing. ... Chris N.

3-17-2011: Thanks for your great work. I came across your web site and fully agree ... doing my own independent study. False teachers are fleecing the flock for their own gain and, more seerously, putting people in bondage under the law. Johan v.

4-14-2011 I have been researching tithing and am convinced that I have been deceived. I should have read the Bible more than listening to the ministers. ... today everything in my life is gone and I am freaking out that all these years I have been supporting some sort of magical system and have brought a curse on myself by tithing .... (very long letter) Minneapolis

4-12-2011 [I watched teh TV debate] I just want to thank you for your Holy Ghost led inspiration. ... Why would God want people to tihte when tithers are stillnbroke and hungry? It doesn't make sense that God would do that when He cares so much about humanity. I then started giving money to those in need. A short time later I received a check in the mail and did not know it was coming. .... Again I received another check in the mail as a confirmation that I was doing the right thing.  Charlie P.

4-11-2011 PASTOR: I have read much of your writings and listened to many of your video presentations on tithing and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work. I have been in the --- Church for -- years and, though I realize you and I have a few doctrinal differences, over the last few years I have been struggling with my denomination's teaching on tithing and have embraced your position on this. Currently I am soon to graduate and have been warned that my position invlidates my future position as a licensed minister. However this threat does not change my position. My motivation is to maintain the integrity of the gospel, not to gain recognition or maintain a position withiin an established organization. Likely the end result of this doctrinal position will be my separation from the people whom I know and love. This is very difficult to comprehend. (From J in the USA South)

4-9-2011: Thank you for your sharing. ... I have given till it hurt but never saw the kind of "return" that was preached. Your teaching really hits home and now giving is more joyful without a cloud of "robbing God" over my head. Justin T., Singapore

4-7-2011 (Concerning the NAE survey that 58% of its leaders disagree with tithing) Wow. Wow. Wow. Amazing. I have believed for a long time that most of the world's theological leaders know the truth but are just too afraid to tell their congregations for fear of decreaed financial support. We should not do any giving outside of faith. Melani

4-5-2011 PASTOR: Thanks for your very clear exposition on tithing. I am not usually a fan of Christian media because they seem to go for the sound bite and dumbing down as much as the secular media. However this was not the case in your intervieew on Premier Radio in the UK  I church planted in poor cities in NE England. [I disagreed with our leders and eventually churfch planted at my own expenses.] In practice most people in our movement didn't tithe anyway. They gave faithfully (but less) and just feel bad about it.  An accusation that I did notd tithe on gross proved that I was the only one among the leaders who did! I left the ministry in disillusionment. Like you I see the modern tithing line legalistic, untrue to Scripture, and in practice the result of unbelief. 'We can't trust God so let's rely on the peole.' MIke S.

4-5-2011 I thank God for your life. I listened to you via Premier Radio. Everything you shared is Holy Spirit inspired and glorifies Jesus and He is the Truth. I was deeply scarred with SDA upbringing and struggled with accepting myself and with self value. M. K. UK

4-2-2011: Thank you for the highly enlightening debate on tithing. It's really an eye opener for me and I am in total agreement with your position and may I commend you for the way you rightly divide the word of truth.  S., Botswana

3-23-2011: I am so glad to hear your findings on tithing. For years I thought I was wrong and evereybody else was right. ... It just seems like we have gotten our model wrong. ... The problem must be with what we have allowed into ouir philosophy and approach to God and how we relate to him. Willia R.

3-22-2011: It was interesting reading the articles on to learn what the Bible really says has been eye-opening to say the least. ... I was wondering if you have had any responses. Richard B.
Note: I have never had a single response from any major teacher on tithing where I posted a rebuttal first.

3-17-2011: I want to thank God very much for the wonderful mission which he has given you.  Your book on tithing and other writings have transformed my entire life and the lives of others with whom I have shared. Thank you for setting the captives frree. ... Peter Y., Africa

2-23-2011: I am writing to thank you and to congratulate you for the in-depth exposition you have made on this subject of tithing. I have read some of your articless which have opened my undeerstanding about this subject. I have learned so many things . I have also listened to your video. I will buy your book for my library for reference as I want to fully grasp the truth. Emmanuel

2-22-2011: I want to thank yo for your hard work. It seems the church fails to appreciate the truth. Although my correspondenc with my pastor ended on a positive note, I had to endure an assault on my character. Since I cannot serve on leadership with my view on tithing, I have decided to leave this church. S. M.

2-21-2011: I want to thank you for being so outspoken and candid about your beliefs. Please stay encourabed and get the word out. R. Parker

2-17-2011: My wife and I have started a church and I am working on how to teach grace giving. I too believe tithing is under the+ law. Thank you for your web site. H. B.

1-26-2011 I cannot say thank you enough for how well you exposed and unearthed the true teachings on tithing. I have felt this way for some time but, after viewing you video essay on You Tube, you just confirmed it for me. I am studying at Liberty University and was called into the ministry a year ago. I don't understand how so many men of God miss this. It is in plain sight.  E. M.

1-18-2011: Thanks for your arti-cle. It was very helpful. I am a member of a churdch in western Poland and my pastor says that people who do not give tithes are thieves.  I am a leader in church and don't know what to do. K. Poland

1-2-2011: I was at an old-fashioned COG revival. The preacheer was going up and down in the OT like Jesus had not died on the cross.  ... A light went on in my mind. I said, are we under law or under grace?  ... Even today you don't know who you can discuss this sacred cow with.  ... No preacher in his right mind would want anybody to tithe like anybody in the Bible did.  Further nobody can tithe like anyone in the Bible. They have to make up their own tithe doctrine which is a gross violation of the add and take away scripture. ... You cannot keep 10% of the law. ... Churches have painted themselves indto a tithe corner. To the extent that you embrace the law, you blind yourself to grace. I have read your great book. Your site is an enormous resource. ... Keep it up. John C. Texas

1-2-2011: Thank you for your work for Grace Giving instead of Tithing. I am reading your book on tithing and look forward to having a solid understanding. Mike W.

12-30-2010: We somehow got your video presentation about tithing several years ago and it was quite refreshing. We have been living in China as missionaries since 2002. God has just this past week set us free from religion and the law and your teaching is parallel to what he has revealed. ... Our call is to the Body of Christ. We see the Church as our mission field. ... So thanks for your contending for the faith. B. Hill 


12-30-2010: (I received your book as a gift and kept it almost a year before reading it.) My husband is a youth pastor. I know I believed a mandatory 10% tithe was not a NT principle, but the thought of reading your book made me nervous. .... Thank you for being a new millennium Martin Luther. ... I'm glad I fanally know the truth. ... I'll begin by sharing your web site with a good friend and with my parents.  I'll toss a little seed and see what the Holy Spirit does with it. G. W.


12-10-2010: I have read Should the Church Teach Tithing?  What a fantstic work. I so very much appreciate your having taken the time to write this book. ... As you are no doubt aware, it is nearly impossible to take on this sacred cow. I have met so many so-called pretentious "believers" who will have nothing whatsoever to do with even a little study that challenges their pro-tithing position.  Dave S.


11-30-2010 I am reading with fascination your book.  I commend you on your excellent work you have done.  It makes me realize what fluff I have read in the past in the guise of Christian Bible study books.  N. B.


11-29-2010 Thank you for the tremendous eye-opening research on tithing. It has really blessed my life.  B. King


11-27-2010 I cam out of AOG because of tithing issues and was asked to resign as youth pastor.... I am attendig a church now that allows freedom of giving. M. G.



After receiving the book I thoroughly read every part of it, as well as all of the corresponding verses in the Bible.  Anyway, I was very impressed with the lay-out of the book and how easy everything was to follow.  You helped fill in some of the missing gaps I have always tried to piece together about the tithing history, especially the parts involving the old Jewish laws.  After finishing the book myself, I sat down with my wife and we read it together.  She also enjoyed the way you concisely explained the Old Testament history concerning the tithe.  We are looking forward to reading your other book about the teachings of Seventh Day Adventists.  David G., Virginia 


10-18-2010: We left the church we had been attending for over 12 years because of the financial abuse inflicted on the members. our pastor was preaching that unless we are giving at least 10 percent, we are not under god's umbrella of blessing and protection. David B., Missouri


10-23-2010: I camme across your book while doing an Internet study adn found your comments very helpful. Forgive me for labeling, but this insistence of grace versus the law coming from a Baptist is very refreshing. I am a Lutheran pastor.  Steve M.


10-10-2010: A (visiting) preacher says that Jesus wants tdo heal but, if you don't tithe, you won't get your healing ... and end up like Ananias and Sapphira. I am so fed up with this blackmailing in the Christain churches. I wish that one day your book will be translated into Finnish. M. K. Finland


9-21-2010: Almost finished with your book. Wow! I am receiving so much freedom. Much of it confirms what I already suspected. . Donnie W.


9-16-2010: I have been researching the tithe now for about 8 months and find your research very complelling. [She asked many questions which I answered.] ... B. V.


9-15-2010: I cannot thank you enough for putting together the video I saw today where you broke everything down for me. ... I did not previously have Bible knowledge to stand on my belief. You refuted every argument the Devil brought into my mind. I am also a member of the Word of Faith movement so I know the arguments that would be brought against you and I feel you successfully refuted them by Scripture. ... Glory be to God for workimg through you  and may the Father bless you .... G. L.


9-13-2010: I have enjoyed reading your book thoroughly on tithing and your argument is airtight. It finally took someone with a PHD to put it all together. Amazing. ... Robert L.


9-3-2010: Thank you for your explanation about biblical tithing. It is very helpful to hear what the Word of God has to say about this. I do my own study about it and I want to include you in my prayers.  ... B. A.


9-3-2010: Live 15 minute interview on National Public Radio, WBEW-FM, Chicago, IL, Tue, 4:20PM Central.


8-27-2010: Thanks for the free download of your book.  I too am from the IFBD movement now attending a SBC  in Georgia.  Tithing is a strong doctrine in both of these dominations.  It is almost the Holy Grail  of their teaching.  If you say anything negative about Tithing watch out for their wrath.  My Mom always said that tithing was an Old Testament Law for the government of Israel. She was labeled a trouble maker and an outcast.  I thought that she was one of the few who bought into this teaching.   Since that time, I have found many educated teachers at the most prestigious Biblical Seminaries who do not teach Tithing.  My question .  Is there a list of Theologians  who do not teach tithing available on the internet with a small teaching on their views of this subject.  Theology Student  

Note: A long but very partial llist is here:

8-14-2010: Greetings from Chile, brother Russell, my name is Philip Jara, I'm from the South of Chile, and was very interested in your book … In reference to tithing, it therefore reaffirms many things that I had studied but that the churches where I've gathered would not argue. ... It was preparing a small paper in relation to this. … I write to request your permission to make literal or partially some analysis and conclusions of the book thus reaffirming the invalidity of the tithe in our days. … Felipe J, Chile [This is an Internet translation.]


8-14-2010: ORDAINED COG/AOG MINISTER: I am a licensed/ordained minister in the Church of God and am 55 yrs old now. I have been in 2 churches and denominations in that time. Assembly of God, and Church of God. I licensed in the year 2000 after my wife and I completed a year in the Church of God's internship program.


I can tell you now without a doubt that the issue [not being considered for a church as pastor] was and is entirely because of my position on tithing. … Nowhere could I find this hard [tithing essential] line stand in scripture to support tithing.


To this point I have googled - studied writings on tithing - searched the scriptures and I am convinced that tithes is to the present day church what circumcision was to the church of Paul's day. Pastors and denominations use the tithe as a rule to determine who is in and who is out. They study tithe records to see who their (not God's) followers are. Tithes are the determining factor on who is a loyal member and who is not. Tithes is the rule by which qualified/loyal members are considered the voting membership in regards to any of the church business meetings. … Under those circumstances the person that goes against the tithe is considered undermining the entire denominational process and considered going against God Himself. …


I wish I could tell you the untold hours of guilt and sleep loss that I have suffered over this issue. I feel that if I open my mouth to too many people that I will be labeled a reprobate and ostracized right out of the denomination. At this point that would not be so bad for me, but I have daughters and grand-kids that are neck deep in this church and possibly could not handle the exposure and rejection themselves. …


Please allow my vent and tell me what your considerations are toward my situation. I wanna believe that "Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us - that the blessing of Abraham might "come upon" the gentile by faith...!!! And that I am not required dues, or payment to God - a denomination - a church - or any other establish organization for that blessing. D. W.


8-7-2010: I was searching the web to see if anyone out there sees what I see in hte New Testament about giving and I found your thesis. I'm just beginning to read it but I had stop to shout Halleleujah and to say thank you for being so bold with this subject. I will be watching your YouTube video and looking forward to anything else you have to say on tithing. C. Jackson


7-25-2010: Thank you for making this information available. I'm concerned that too many ministers/pastors use the Bible for their own ends but fail to teach what they believe. Baltimore Methodist


7-24-2010:PASTOR:  I did my own research through Theological Journal Library and several books on tithing after being enlightened byGod's grace several years ago and came to the same conclusions. ... I had a good time reading your site and having a laugh. What amused me is the way you sometimes expresed the incredulity of the statements made by its proponents. Its just a relief to know that we are not alone in this uphill task of biblical recovery. Your diligent exposition especially of th OT passages will certainly come in useful {in my sermon}. Dan T.



Thank you so much for taking on the controversial challenge of tithing. … There is nothing better than laying out the biblical explanation. 

I was once in church when I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to give all that I have.  When I looked in my wallet, I had the last $5 that was just in case I needed it until the end of the month.  So I gave it. The following Sunday, while the preacher was getting ready to call on the tithing, he specifically mentioned that $5 and said he felt like "some were simply tipping him." Why I took that personally I will never know, but I was so hurt and angry by it that I left his church. Blessings to you, Judy L.


7-12-2010: I lost my job at the church for not tithing my full 10% for the year.  (I was now part of "sin in the camp.") This was after years of tithing faithfully, years of hard work, and giving offerings WAY above and beyond what was expected.  I think our senior pastor got a little nervous when I started researching the tithe.  I had been praying for truth, and I believe God showed me what was real and what was false 


I was in a minor car accident that was not my fault.  … I was told by a so called "pastor" in the church that I was in an accident because I didn't tithe my full 10%.  Can you believe this manipulating, intimidating craziness!?!? … Now I'm realizing what I was a part of was cultic in many ways.  I guess I should be thankful that I am out and free. … Shouldn't there be a law against this garbage?? Thank you for all of your research and writings. Anonymous July 2010

6-25-2010: Thank you for writing this book and having such knowledtge on the Internet. I found you by asking the question on Google "What is the Lord's house?"  ... I clearly understand now. I hope my sister can wrap her mind around this. Thank you soooo much. R. H.
6-14-2010: I just found your web site after really searching out this question.  ... After years of growing in God I can see what a scam it it.  ... Much opposition. ... My wife and I are not popular in any church now. ... Now I can see that the church is being badly affected and kept ignorant of God's grace and what it really means by this legalism and poison.  Thanks for your work on this subject. M. N. Australia
6-10-2010: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have and continue to teach the truth. My mother agonized over not being able to pay tithes. I listened to your liecture. I was liberated. I explained what you said to my mother. She was so relieved. D. B.
6-8-2010: I just want to say, I thank the LORD for having you to teach what is really so in the Scriptures and the Church. ... There is a responsibility given to all who embarace the truth to share it. D. M.
6-4-2010: I have been involved in the Word of Faith Movement. The Lord recently led me out. Your book has really opened my eyes to the truth. T. J.
5-27-2010: I'm working on "treading lightly" but still getting the word out to fellow believers and even the church staff and pastor. The important thing is truth. C. Wilson
5-24-2010: I have read most of your book and have found it to be exceptional. I will use the book as a reference. It has an excellent flow as it builds up important background in a logical order. ... Now when I listen to pro-tithe sermons, I find it easy to pick up the errors in their preaching. John W.
5-22-2010: If only there were more people like you in this world. I sense that the true Christians have become scarce. Your rebuttal of Dave Ramsey is super. Dan M.
5-17-2010: I have just finished chapter 12 and have to say this is an excellent book. Some of my arguments have been seriously flawed. ... This book is great. I will be much more confident now defending the truth against the foolish traditions of men. Thank you for your diligence and faithfulness to the Word of God. Mike L.
5-10-2010: I am the webmaster of a Christian seminary. Having come to the conclusion that tithing is unscriptural I have set about finding sites that supported my conclusion for a research link for our students. Mke G.

4-23-2010: I just wanted to send you a "thank you" email like so many others have done for helping me understand the truth about tithing. With your help I now have excellent scripture-backed arguments to take on the lies and threats from those that teach tithing. J. White
4-22-2010: I was a trustee in the church until I questioned the pastor about his teachings on tithing. Charles D.
4-20-2010: PASTOR: I find your work on this topic to be very fascinating. I hope others will loosen the chains of tithing off of theri people. Thank you. Mississippi, M.
4-20-2010: I first encountered the topic through the Worldwide Church of God. ... I was shocked to find out they had triple tithed and then changed their position to say tithing was no longer required. ... I see the denomination now recommends your book. Your pioneering book must send a lot of theological bullets your way. ... I don't appreciate it when people slam their false conviction over my head. I am not amused by the guilt trips or the name calling used to pressure people into tithing. Most of it is more ignorance than willful dishonest preachers. ... I greatly appreciate your bold honest intent and the painstaking thorough effort. ... Your tithing book reminds me of how the Protestant Reformation began with Martin Luther. You are a brave man. Fred M.
4-14-2010: Good job. I would like to put your link on my web site and even post your article on that site. George F. NOTE: I give permission to all to do this. Thank you.
4-8-2010: I embrace the truth about tithes. It has become a burden for our church. It never used to be preached and things seemed to be fine. But since it seems to be a mission of some newer members, it seems that Satan is working overtime to diminish God's church.M. B.
4-7-2010: I am a chaplain and also teach personal finances. In these troubled times one question is to tithe or lose the home. Oddly many people struggle with this and many churches bluntly state to pay the tithe and the Lord will provide and then the people lose their homes. I am so frustrated. G. C.
4-5-2010: I am concerned that the teaching of obligatory tithing from income is infiltrating the Orthodox Church via its converts from evangelicalism. I am not persuaded that this has any basis in the tradition (of which scripture is the highest part). Culturally, it seems to me that tithing has little resonance amongst European philanthropy. It has certainly caused some offence amongst eastern Europeans who are trying to support their family and causes back in the "old country" rather than what they perceive to be the rich west. W. H.

3-30-2010: I have been blown away since I discovered by grace that tithing is not biblical. All around me not many people are willing to listen. But I have done extensive research on the Internet as well as searched the scripture and me and my wife firmly know that tithing - the way it is being taught and understood today by many is absolute wrong. I am tremendously encouraged by your work. I have it on your site and watched your video too. Thank you so much. J. L., Singapore
3-29-2010: Thanks for your essays and treatise on tithing. Excellent time for me to spend on your pages adn very revealing of the modern trends and misrepresentations from the pulpits. I'm glad that you have differentiated the giving of tithes ... to give jsut voluntarily and cheerfully and not burden the poor. P. I.
3-17-2010: I have known about you for quite a while now and have read comments by you here and there on the internet regarding "Tithing" and I want to say thank you very much for the very loving and gracious manner in which you have handled the the whole topic and the "TRUTH" you present. Me, I would have crashed out ages ago and reverted to my old bike gang days if it were not for the LORD Jesus Christ and folks like you. How you have managed to handle some of the horrible treatment from some professing believers and heathens I don't know. God blessings upon your life. Douglas J. New Zealand
3-17-2010: PASTOR: i want to commend you for speaking the truth. I am also a minister. ... I have seen over the last several years that Christians were deviating from the essence of the Gospel. So many are being deceived --chasing the blessing instead of pursuing Christ. ... Your work on tithing is superb. S. G.
3-16-2010: I just wanted to thank you for your web site. We came to the decision that we are not under the Old Covenant for some thirteen years now.  Tim G.
3-13-2010: I have tried in vain to find anyone in my local area who understands the implications of the current tithing dogmas. I personally came to the position of non tither (that is joyful giver) because I care about God's Word, not because I don't. I find that people truly act and seem to believe that their particular rituals are non-negotiable and they do discriminate against those who challenge this. Larry C.
3-13-2010: I just wanted to let you know that a small Bible study I attend recently completed a discussion on your book. We had more people visit as a result of the topic of tithing than any other subject we have discussed. Several of your books were bought as a result of this discussion. Most of those that visited felt that tithing was not a New Covenant teaching but did not know how to refute the pro tithing teachers. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your book.  ... Thanks for being honest with the scriptures. Robert W.
3-13-2010: What an awesome work God is doing with you. I have been truly blessed by your book. I have tried to teach God's real perspective on giving and your teaching has been in my heart for over twenty years. ... I will keep you in my prayers. Norm G.
3-13-2010: I found your book on tithing exceptionally clear and complete. In my case you were "preaching to the choir" as I had decades ago come to the same conclusion. However your book offered many new insights and examples. ... I am certain Messiah will insure your book will reach those who need to be released from this false teaching. P. Baker
2-27-10: ASSOCIATE PASTOR: I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your work on tithing. I have long held to your position and am deeply grieved over how many in SBC circles continue to teach it. Sound interpretative guidelines are completely ignored when it comes to this teaching.  The ignorance of so many SBC pastors on the continuity and discontinuity of the Old Covenant and New Covenant is so profound that I doubt much will ever change. My own pastor has a D. Min and has been in the ministry for over (--) years. Yet in his yearly sermons on tithing recently he actually has the audacity to call blood bought children of God cursed because they didn't tithe. All persons in our church are called upon to tithe or not serve in those positions. Having graduated from an independent Baptist seminary some (--) years ago, it has taken me almost that long to realize so much of what is taught in both independent and SBC churches is so poorly undergired by credile, biblical scholalrship.  ... May many read your work and be set free from the burdens of the Mosaic Law so frequently put on them by ignorant and uninformed church leadership. D. D.
2-23-10: PASTOR: Thank you for your informative video. I watched all two hours and found it most interesting. Your research is thorough, extensive and logical. Thank you. I am a missionary in Africa and have taught much of what you say to pastors.  Your point of view gave me some fresh insight into what should be my appropriate response. N. H.  
2-21-10: Thank you for the truth on tithing. Many of us have been severely abused with the God-robber teaching. It would seem that our interim pastor loses his honesty  when it comes to this subject. Charles M.
2-20-10: Pastor: Timely work. F. O. Nigeria
2-14-2010: Reading what you've stated that the New Testamene Scriptures offer the giver freedom in the area of giving is a breath of fresh air. The biblical position has the "prosperity gospel" preachers and church leaders in this area where I live upset. V. M.
2-13-10: Pastor: Found out about the book from your comments on Grace and Truth to You. Once I read it I may want to purchase multiple copies. Oklahoma pastor.
2-12-10: Pastor: If it reads the way I believe it will (after reading your incredible writing abilities online) we will make your book the standard gift for people who have questions about the subject. Pastor B.
2-12-10: I download your book to use as a reference for a research project I am doing for my senior paper (seminary). I will be looking over your web site and the other documents you have posted.  Thanks so much for making your book availale on the net.  Also thanks for the offer to answer questions. M. B.
2-11-2010: I am eagerly reading your book. It is thorough and fascinating. The book needs to reach the multitudes. May God bless you abundantly for your efforts to bring the truth to the forefront. Do you do any conferences? Susan P. NOTE: i am willing to go anywhere as long as minimum expenses are paid.
2-10-2010: Thank you very much for giving the book free of charge in pdf form. Many churches in (...) are teaching that it is a curse not to tithe. ... I was looking for the truth ... S. Young
2-8-2010: I don't know where to begin. Your paper is so accurate and so biblical that (in my opinion) no one could read and walk away unenlightened.  The truth seemed so clear to me [21 years ago] that I wonder how could this foolishness still abound.  I just sat through our church's annual tithing sermon. ... The said thing is that our pastor is usually right-on Biblically. ... Keep up the good work. The message must get out. How can I help? I'd love to meet you. Tom K.
2-3-2010: YOUTH EVANGELIST: Thank you for your work and great website. I am very familiar with the tithe teaching and I am thankful to say [that I never taught that failure to tithe is robbing God]. I was duped by this teaching and have really never put much into it until now and it is amazing to say the least. V. M.
2-3-2010: Thank you for your amazing web site. It has been a real help to me at this time. Michael F. New Zealand
2-2-2010: I have recently been acquainted with your teachings. I find it very interesting and thorough. After earnestly researching this topic I realized that I have been indoctrinated with some false teachings. My goal is to seek truth --to reconcile truth to what I have been taught. I feel bamboozled, maybe even cheated. C. M.
1-31-2010: That book you wrote on tithing was absolutely excellent. I'll mention it in my book and on my blog. Bruce A.
1-27-10: I have been so impacted by your teachings. Thank you so much. I appreciate your reply to Bill Johnson about tithing. I believe that a lot of pastors/preachers/teachers do an excellent job at what they do --until it gets to finances. Won't God judge them for misleading for financial gain?  J. N.
1-25-10: Very curious why the church that I attend teachs tithing so heavily when there is no new testament support. The Bible is very clear on this issue when we read within its correct context. J. W.
1-24-2010: Good theological work, enlightening and encouraging to see some are still thinking different from the norms that govern the Christian society now. Emma, Nigeria 
1-21-2010: The Tithing-Study Group has been the most amazing group and Dr Kellys book is an eye opener. Yet I do admit struggling through some of the NT thinking. .. I thank God for you Dr Kelly for being willing to step out in faith and face those who try to strangle God's people from reaching a fulness of life. Kaz
01-19-2010: Thank you Russ for all the material you have generated on this subject. I have just ordered two more of your books to give to two pastors that I am quite friendly with in hope they will read it and finally be convicted. ... With all the material that is now available refuting tithing I find it very difficult to understand why it is so prevalent. ... I encourage you to keep up your good work. ... In a recent letter I wrote to Christianity Today I mentioned your book as someone whose position regarding tithing should be published in their magazine.  Robert B. Note: CT had planned a debate between myself and Randy Alcorn and backed out after Alcorn read my web site.
1-15-2010: PASTOR: I appreciate your essay on the error of tithing. i have a MDIV from Southwestern Seminary and pastored for 15 years with the last few as an independent charismatic. A few years ago I began to grow increasingly uncomfortble on the subject of tithing.  I've seen so many abuses in this area. I'm no longer pastoring. Michael H.
01-14-2010: Thank you Dr. Kelly for all your research and work on this vital and interesting subject. I only wish more people believed in the truth of the Scriptures rather than the assertions of their own traditions. B. S. Southern Baptist
01-12-2010: Recently I have become more and more concerned about my church's understanding of tithing. ... I feel it is my duty as a church leader (deacon) and seeker of truth that I approach the leadership about this. How can I not? For the pastors to tell the congregatiion that they will be cursed by God if they don't tithe is both flat out wrong and dangerous if not sinful. Bill M.
01-10-2010: I read your website with great interest. This definitely adds to our research. Over the past few days, however our research has narrowed down to a very specific group of people: we are looking  not necessarily for people who got into trouble as a result of tithing but those who were 'empowered' by their church to take on risky loans and suffered financial difficuties as a result. We know there are a lot of people out there who were encouraged by their WoF-preachers to get mortgages and loans and who were later unable to pay them back. Emma, TV correspondent
01-09-2010: I am really thanking God for using you to open the eyes of many Christians although some of the pastors are stiff to accept the truth. Most are still resorting to baseless arguments. Stephen N.
01-08-2010: I have really enjoyed reading your essay on tithing. I have tried to study tithing before on my own and it seemed, the more I studied, the bigger it got. I have done as you said and looked these Scriptures up for myself. Thanks be to God for sending someone like you to clear the confusion up in the New Testament Church. ... My pastor friends say that I am a false teacher, but the funny thing is that they have no Word to back up their view.  Brent H.
01-02-2010: I am hurt and very skeptical by our ultra rich pastor while we have a lot of poor people in church. He is forever telling us to pay more and more. E. S.
01-01-2010: I can count on one hand the number of Christians that have made a difference in my life and you are one of them. Not only did you help me get out of a bunch of legal tithing nonsense, but you've helped me help others shake off years of guilt. Every opportuntiy I get I teach the truth about tithing and I've been successful helping a few others. Let me tell you it made a big difference in their life and that's possible because you had the courage to speak up and tell the truth. ... I get a tremendous of fun giving without threats hanging over my head. Stacey Hardin, Broken Arrow, OK

12-21-2909: PASTOR: Thank you so much for the excellent work you have done concerning tithing. I have quoted from you extensively and some are hearing the truth of what the scriptures really do teach. ... It's like there are binders on people's eyes and things get twisted away from the heart of God. ... I left a paid position of pastoring ... These days I provide nutritdion to orphans around the world and make money doing this. I am also working with churches and para church ministries to help them increase their finances while helping children. David Grant
12-19-2009: PASTOR: Nice to see others teaching the truth about what the Bible really says. I look forward to reading the entire book. God bless. Pastor David Heuring, Wilmnington, NC
12-18-2009: For years I thought I was the only charismatic church-goer who believed what you wrote about.  I felt guilty and gave until I was driven to poverty. Always giving (like a gambler) hoping that the next time I give it will bring me the winnings. I am happy that now I can partner with someone who is as convinced as I am that the contemporary church's teachings on tithing is taboo. It is there to feed the greed of church organizations and rich leaders. Grant T.
12-15-2009: Thank you for making this resource free.  There isn't enough "freely I receive so freely I give" motivation out there these days.  I believe that giving to your home church is a good and biblical thing but I am conflicted on the concept that 10% is required and that all of that 10% should go to your home church rather than a particular mission/ministry or to the family 2 doors down who fell on hard times and need some help.  I haven't ever challenged my own belief about this until recently while I am finding that the church as an institution seems to be operating in "tradition mode" more than is healthy. MIke
12-12-2009: I visited your web site and recommend it to anyone seekindg detail exegesis on the biblical usage of "tithing". ... Some Christian traditions are using tithing tol demand monetary contributions to the church, perhaps even as a requirement for church membership. ... I think you are fighting a good fight and I encourage your work. Christopher D.
12-10-2009: I was really blessed with your tithing teaching but the problem which lies before me now is where to fellowwhip. N. Stephen. Note: See my article at
11-19-2009: This is a note to show my appreciation for all I have learned from you and your book. The Lord is using you to make a BIG difference. Last year I read a good part of your book but got to areas that were just over my head. I recently started studying again and the areas that were previously over my head became perfectly clear. I have learned so much during the last two years. My family and close friends can hardly belileve how far I have come in my studies. ... Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can'td tdhank the LOrd enough for leding me to your web site. Gary Arnold
10-17-2009: God bless you for your book. My mother read it and wholeheartedly agrees. It is so sad that many preachers are still teaching the saints from the book of Malachi. And some of these preachers are very haughty. They speak as if God himself told them to take tithes from the people. It is sad. Keep up the good work. D. Brown
10-15-2009: Thank you for your writings. I am studying this for the first time. ... I do now see that giving under the NT covenant and NT teachings is what Christ asks of me. It might end up being more or less than ten per cent in the future, but I am to follow the Holy Spirit's lead vs the legalistic law of Moses. My husband and I agree on this. I shared this new revelatdion with a Baptist minister's wife which I am good friends with and she responded as if I were a traitor to the faith. I felt horrible. I am praying that it will not ruin our friendship. I will speak of it no more. Any encouragement will be appreciated. Walking in the truth of God's Word is not always understood or appreciated by others. D. T.
10-05-2009: I want to thank you for the article "Tithing is Not a Christian Doctrine." I remember the CBS Sunday Morning show which mentioned your web site.  ... I've just had a great many financial issues come up this year and when I requested time to stop tithing for a while to get on my feet -- well, you can imagine the response.  Karen C.
09-25-2009: Your web page is great. I am tired of the "Pimp Pastors" taking and not giving. I am the victim of years of churchy abuse ... NO MORE. Chaplin Mark S.,NJ.
09-25-2009: I have been in the pastoral ministry in one fashion or the other for 14 years. ... At this juncture I want to thank you for your indepth studies. I just found you on the net recently and praise our God for that. I have been battling with this for years and in all of those years God has prompted me to research it out. ... I am currently starting a new work endorsed and supported by the (    ). I want more than anything to get it right. ... Would you mind if I used some of your work to justify what I believe is true in the teachings of tithign and freewill giving? Mike D.
09-18-2009: Recently I saw your book on the internet and thought "This is what I have felt for years." You have explained things well for me. When tithing is presented as law, could it be interpreted as a form of bullying? Marcella A.
09-13-2009: You personally gave me a copy of your book in 2004 when I was a chaplain where you worked. You inscribed "May you get a blessing from this is my prayer."Over the years I have tried many times to read your book. Satan and my preconceived ideas prevented me. Last month tithing came up in a conversationl and the first thing that came to mind was your book. ... This time God in his infinite wisdom allowed me to get into the book. ... Your prayer is being answered. I am getting a blessing from the book. Jack G.
09-08-2009: I have been removed from leadership in my church because I will no longer teach tithing. This has been very hard for my wife and family and I feel alone. I love my pastor and my church but I am convicted in my heart by the Holy Spirit and I cannot return to teaching tithing as understood and taught by the modern church. I am doing research and reading your book. My pastor wants me to change my mind but I cannot.  Frank C.
08-31-2009: I have been researching this subject for five years and your is the best resource I found. Thank you for helping others see the truth. I taught it the other night to 14 individuals and they were blown away by the deceptions. They mostly concluded it is a doctrine of demons. This is a huge entity all networked together: pride, self-righteousnes, stuborness, works of man, mammon and the control spirit. I believe in the next 10 years we will see this sacred temple torn down and the church move in faith again. Richard S.
08-30-2009: Please tell me if you would be willing to come to London to engage in the subject of tithing. Your expenss will be paid. .. This would be very useful since many Christians have lost their jobs during the recession and are questioning God since they have been told that if they faithfully tithed they would be exempted from loss of employment. Mike M. [Note: I replied "Yes, butd you will not find anybody who will debate me."]
08-27-2009: What a blessing this is going to be. I have been preaching and trying to teach this word with very liffte success from many of God's childen.  Thanks brother for your great work. Continue in the struggle of truth. Will keep you in my praers. May God's peace and grace be upon you. Neal N.
08-24-2009: After reading up on several writings on the subject ot the tithe, I am at peace to see that I was correct on scripture and even if many call me crazy or other names for opposing teaching tithing, I do not care.  .. Do you know of any church or group to recommend in Florida? Juan R. [Note: See my article]
08-08-2009: Russell Earl Kelly is a true Spirit-filled man of God. He most lilkely is being treated with contempt by those in the Christian Church world who are being exposed of their false teaching on tithing. I believe Kelly will be remembered as one of the best teachers of the truth who God used to help the church discover what the Lord's grace is of our era. My prayers and thanks are with him.  His truth has set me free over fear of not paying enough money and thinking God was cursing me for it. I have been more blessed not accepting the free gift of Grace  than when trying to earn it by paying ten per cent of my gross when out of work. Now I have a good job and everything is looking up because Kelly's book taught me how to rest in the cross of Christ. Stewardship and Tithing Blog. LoveHim.
08-08-2009: I preferred your book (over others) because of the tone. Your book, by the way it was written, compelled me to think and reason, which is what I like. I did find your web site and have spent quite a bit of time on it. I want to say thank you for the book. I am grateful you took the time to write it. . It is one of my favorite books. ,,,, Geneva Y.
08-04-2009: Thank you so much for what you have done here, from explaining who melchisedek was. Also the context of Malachi adressing the priests from Nehemiah, your online book has done so much for me and my wife, we teach out of what we have learnt from you at our home group, needless to say we have had a great journey since learning the truth about tithes, we were kicked out of our church, for even suggesting that tithes were not scriptual and that God loves a cheerful freewill giver. Although we have have been slandered and told lies about from leadership by our church where we resided for 16 years, we have never felt so liberated from the evidence you have shown here, blessings to you and your family Russell.   Peter S. Australia
08-03-2009: I first want to say thank you for taking a stand for the truth. I totally agree with what the Word of God has to say about tithing. I presented this truth to my pastdor and he totally rejected it.  ... I wonder what else they are compromising. How many more scriptures are they taking out of context.  Charles W.
07-05-2009: I  have so much enjoyed reading all that you have to say on the tithe. I have spent a number of months researching the whole issue and looked at many free resources online from some of your colleagues ... Bless you for putting your research online and letting people receive it freely. I am writing a very short paper on the issue for my church leaders.  I honestly do not think they will receive what I have to say and am expecting to be ejected from teh church after all this time (30 years). ... Rosemarie

7-03-2009: My husband and I bought your book and love it. Thank you. I have a blog about Mormonism and would like to put the information that you write about on blog. I would also like to link my blog to your web site. Sara T.
7-01-2009: EX-PASTOR: Thank you so much for offering your book as a free download. I've read the first chapter and the chapter on 1st Timothy 5 and it's amazing so far. I really enjoy that you allow Scripture to interpret Scripture. Matt B.
6-29-2009: I have convinced three pastors that tithing is not New Testament and all three stopped teaching it. A fourth pastor refuses to meet with me. I have now approached a fifth pastor and am waiting to hear back. I am making a CD with a lot of research on it, inclluding a copy of your book. Can I have permission to distribute your book in CD form for free? Gary A. Note: Yes.
6-25-2009: I want to thank you for the work that you have done and continue to do to free people from the needless tyranny of mandatory tithing. I cannot imagine the amount of battles that you face on a daily basis. Jonathan K.
6-24-2009: I really want to thank you for posting your book online and allowing it to be downloaded -- a refreshingly atypical sign of good, not greed. And it is an extremely badly needed and reasonable examination of the subject. I've learned a lot from reading it, especially the historical origins after disestablishment. .. I'm always in all kinds of trouble from conservative Christians friends, lots of them i've lost because I'm totally opposed to things like tithing ... and Joyce Meyer's reprehensible greed. Ken J.
6-23-2009: PASTOR: Thank you for the material I have found on your website. It has helped me in putting my sermons together for our home church service.
6-21-2009: I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to actually go to the Word of God as your source of truth regarding this subject of tithing. Recently I posted a link to your site on my facebook page. I really thought most people would appreciate it. Not so. A few days later I was called by the pastor of our church. Apparently many members of our church were livid and couldn't believe I would post such heresy.  After all "that's not what our denomination teaches." I was in hot water to say the least (although I'm not overly concerned). I am currently serving as their youth minister. (on file)
6-18-2009:  PASTOR: God began to open my eyes and spirit in teaching the truth to set the captives free. I came to the subject of kingdom economics and noticed that tithing was not God's will for his sons. Materials you have written have been of great help to me. Stanley K. Kenya. Note: He was so excited that he called me on the phone from Kenya. I am sending him a free book at DVD.
6-16-2009: Thank you very much for a very complete compositdion of this very controversian topic. [After finally finding a church which did not promote tithing, I discovered that the doctrine did exist there and some were trying to elevate it as a doctrine of the church.] Thank you again for your article. It was to see in organized writing what the Holy Spirit has continued to reveal to me in my own studies. It is good to have confirmation from others which does nodt come openly on the subject. Kim T.
5-31-2009: Ran across your tithing essay and was very pleased to read it. After 40+ years of Christianity, I only know a few who have been able to see and discover this truth. It was heartwarming to read your input on the subject. Dave Taylor
4-23-2009: I recently came across your material and am very grateful for your work. I have been a tither for 20 years and never saw the Malachi 3 passage promise reallized and painfully asked "Why?". I feel my journery is now coming to light. This is Reformation Work Dr. Kelly and I encourage you to continue to help the Body of Chrsit be freed from this bondage. Blessings to you and may his blood heal your eyes. Dr. J. Carson
3-30-2009: It’s an incredibly detailed, in-depth look at every scripture referenced to support tithing, and then every scripture used to promote higher New Testament standards. It’s probably not an easy read for most, it’s taken me 4 months to slug through 274 pages, but it is incredibly worthwhile, and many revelations can be gained from it that don’t relate to tithing. Good Fruit, Tasty
2-27-2009: "Thanks for the great work you have done on tithing. I would like to highlight a word that is in your writing but is not emphasized. Equality. 2 Cor 8:8-13." David G. Note: I place utmost importance on this as the key grace-giving principle in most of my blogs.
2-26-2009: Thank you for providing this resource for free. The LORD is gracious to provide such resources to sooth my troubled mind and to provide answers to my searching questions. May the LORD bless you bountifully. Paula H., Virginia
2-23-2009: Thank you for the effort that went into this teaching on tithing. It was long overdue and its truth is much needed in the ekklesia today. B. G., Canada
2-15-2009: Thank you for your works you have posted on the Internet. In my own studies I've come to the same conclusions despire the preaching that comes from church leaders and pastors. I find it somewhat troubling that parts of scripture are taken out of context as well as carried through to the New Covenant Gentile church which are beneficial to certain causes and beliefs. Yet parts that are not beneficisl to these people are cast aside as not relevant today. Bottom line. You can't pick and choose what you want and don't want. ... A very pointed very heavy handed message was preached a week ago. It saddens me that I even have o deal with it ... Jeff R.
2-10-2009: Thank you for your wonderful scriptural teaching on tithing. Your gift of scriptural teaching has set me free to give generously and with a joyful heart. My wife and I are struggling farmers and I needed to hear this. Chris T.
2-1-2009: Thank you so much for the truth about tithing. .. I am so glad that someone with the expertise in the subject of tithing has stood up for the truth about the tithe and the greed among evangelicals like Hinn and Avanzini, Paul Crouch, etc. I have extremely enjoyed your teaching and now I know what I am talking about when it comes to tithing. I have also been able to pull myself out from under the guilt and burden of Malachi chapter 3 and hope to help others do the same. So much appreciation for your insight and wanting to expose the yoke put upon peoples' necks. Paul S.

12-31-2008: Your study about the tithe is amazing.  I have learned so much. Where can I find sources about the Arab war custom before Abraham. Aezio E. [Any library major reference source on religion or encyclopedia would confirm this under tithng. A detailed discussion follows my 19 point essay.]
12-29-2008: I enjoyed your debate with De Jong. I am in a Bible school currently and graduate next spring.  I have to complete a thesis and my topic is tithing.  I desire to know the truth even though it may not be popular. ... I have been a 10% tither and giver for a long time.  I have nevef seen blessings so big I couldn't contain them. I know Christian that have given and given all their lives and they have nothign; so if we are to receive all these blessings that can't be contained, what is wrong with this picture? Someone is certainly wrong. Jana B.
12-24-2009: Your web page has been the most helpful resource in my study on tithing.... I ask everybody two questions: When did the definition change and who changed it? ... Thank you so much for taking the time to share all your research findings and making the info so easy to access. Kevin E.
12-21-2008: Thank you for your web site and study on tithing. It is very good and makes you frustrated towards the current state of the church. ... I enjoy your work and attitude and would like to stay in touch. D. Peach
12-20-2008: [Since questioning tithing] I am no longer part of the worship team. [The church does not give any accountability for how it spends money but says that I am stealing and would be cursed.] R. K.
11-28-2008: Keep up the good work. ... I believe we as believers need absolue integrity when it comes to studying God's Word. ... But in the organized Church leadership it is a very rare thing indeed to hear a minister teach against tithing for New Covenant believers. ... [The AOG covering doctrine is responsible.] ... Thanks for your integrity to the Word. The Word must always be our standard no  matter what the cost. S. Kendall
11-24-2008: Thank you. Thank you. I thank the Lord for your free online book. I have been pressured to leave my PCA church and visited six other churches before settling on a Baptist church which teaches tithing but is not fanatical about it. However I have had to stop preaching and teaching because of my views on tithing. R. Anthony [PS. I have a very similar experience. Russ Kelly]
11-15-2008: I've told others about the site and book. After God's Spirit had communicaed to me that tihting was not for the Church I cautiously approached my father about it. He was a preacher and Bible teacher and said that he was unpopular among preachers for opposing tithing. ... It is sad when ministers and saints treat a believer like an enemy because the believer points to the scriptures and correcly states that tithe-paying is contrary to the new covenant.  My brother, thank you for your service to God. ... The church needs to be free of this wrong teaching and move on to higher heights ... David Brown
11-12-2008: Very educational. Mike M. Texas
11-11-2008: PASTOR: Praise God! I am sooooo happy that there are a few of us teachers of the Gospel that are not afraid to address this issue. ... I ran across the 5 volume commentary by J. Vernon McGee and was immediately liberated and set free from the bondage of misleading doctrine. Herbert Pollard Jr, Tabernacle of Truth, Sandstdon, VA.
11-11-2008: Thanks for your comments on my post about charitable giving. The information you presented is interesting and more in-depth than anything I've really looked into. Brandon K. Catholic Campus Ministry
11-11-2008: You don't know how much I appreciate the effort you spent to write a book about the very important subject of tithing. The whole subject served as a stumblingblock to me for years in understanding the relation of Christians to OT law. As you aptly note on your site, the law was given ONLY to Jews. Without underestanding that many Christians will never understand the Pauline letters. Russell R.
11-3-2008: Thank you for the thorough information on tithing. I know that God is glorified when people use his plan for giving rather than man's plan. It's a shame to see pastors cast off grace giving and put back on the yoke of the law. It seems insulting to the work our Saviour did on teh cross. I hope that more people read your web site. Jay O.   Russell R.
11-2-2008: Former Mormon. Wiped my doctrinal slate clean and re-read the Bible to see what it said, letting God alone teach me and guide me. ... The doctrine of tithing simply cannot be supported using New Testament scriptures. ... To find a pastor who stood up before his congregation and humbly said that he trusted God would inspire the hearts of the members to give what was needed for the maintenance of the church would be so refreshing. I doubt that I will find it. Thanks for standing up and teaching what is unpopular, risking the judgment and condemnation of others, to bring Christians out from under the law and into freedom from Christ.  Kelly H., S. Carolina.
10-23-2008: This topic has been a struggle for me for some time. As I began to really study for myself what God's Word had about tithing, I realized that this doctrine so commonly taught in our church was way off base. Ken R., Georgia
10-14-2008: I am reading your article "Tithing is Not a Christian Doctrine" I really like the way you handle the issue of tithe in that article ... I am an advocate of New Testament giving and against the giving of tithe as most of my (Baptist) fellow pastors emphasize here. Bayo, Nigeria
9-15-2008: Your book is so logical that I can't see a straight-thinking person disagreeing iwth it. Carl P.,
9-14-2008: St. Petersburg Times article, Tithe Has Adherents, Detractors on Both Sides of the Collection Place, by Sherri Day, includes an inteview with Russell Earl Kelly.
9-12-2008: Thank you Russell for blazing the way towards the truth, bringing freedom to the captives, and guiding light to the doctrine of demons. May God bless you for it.  I love your web site and book. I encoursage you to continue in the Lord's work. Richard S., Minesota
9-11-2008: Your web site has truly been a blessing. The amount of resources and your knoowledge is amazing. Rick T.

9-1-2008: I love your work Dr. Kelly and tell many about it.  You've been a great blessing to help thousands learn the truth about tithing. Thank you so much. Randy P.


9-1-2008: Just stumbled upon your site and all I can say is WELL DONE. As a Christian and  member of a Southern Baptist church I have had a gut feeling for quite some time that the tithe has been manipulated to some degree by the church (at least most of them). I have never seen or heard the matter presented in such a factual and logical way. It is nice to see someone with your credentials tackle a subject like this so thoroughly. Bravo. Jason D.


9-1-2008: Just wanted to drop you a line and say a big thank you for such a comprehensive book. I've always thought that the doctrine of tithing didn't stack up but avoided questioning it for fear of any bad motives. I really apprecaite the way your book addresses all the difficult scriptures. I really admite your quest for truth in serving the body of Christ where it would be easier to benefit from people's lack of understanding. I pray that God will continue to bless you. Carl P. 


8-13-2008: Thank you for your in depth teaching on tithing. ... I'm not sure if I should just stop tithing, present to the pastor what I've learned, or leave and find a non-tithing, biblically sound taught, spirit filled church. ... I can't find one church (locally) that doesn't teach tith ing. L. S.


8-11-2008: "I have read all I could find regarding churches teaching tithing. I fully agree with your views. We have a ... new pastor who agrees with you ... but he has left it to me to go nose-to-nose with the establishment. [I have thus far won the argumetns but convincing them is another story.][Please send me a link to your discussion of the SBC Position Paper.] In my opinioon the existence of standards kept from the public, especailly when imposed on people, is dishonest. Bill, Texas.


8-10-2008: "I just read your entire book online after being hammered in our church... I am so glad I found your book. In doling my own Bible study I came to the same conclusion but with far less detail and research. Your approach is thorough and accurate. ... I feel as if many and most people are tired of being beaten over the head with the Malachi Club and living under a "curse" from our Savior Jesus Christ. Matt W. 


8-6-2008: "I have been called to preach but I believe if I make my views known about freewill giving I don't believe they will allow me to become a minister. ... How can Jesus die and the curse of the law be nailed to the cross only to be placed back on you? Gerald B.

Note: I advised him to start a new church as an unpaid pastor until the congregation asked him to serve full time.


7-16-2008: PASTOR: "In my country, Sri Lanka, there are many missionaries, mainly from the USA, who teach tithing very forcibly and make the Christian religion a materialistic enterprise while enriching themselves. ... Please help to preserve our cultural values and save us from Amereican Christian" merchantilism." Bishop Kenneth F.


7-15-2008: "I am thankful to you for how God used your wisdom and time to investigate about the principle of tithing.  Thank you for the enlightenment. May the Lord bless your works and your family."  D. Crisostomo


7-9-2008: May I please be authorized to translate your essay in my language (Tongan) so that my family members and fellow Christians can understand this Bible truth about tithing?  from the Pacific island monarch of Tonga.


6-30-2008: From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for all your research and work on this subject. [We came out of a high-control manipulative church.] It was very comforting to read your web site. My husband spent the better part of the weekend reading it. Amy H.


6-26-2008: PASTOR: I thank our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for you and for the insight the Holy Spirit has given you. I have completed an extensive research concerning "tithe" using the material gathered throughout years with your material as well. There were some things I could not answer until I read your material. I believe in the rightly divided Word of God. If the Word is not rightly divided there is a serious chance for the spirit of error. We now have a television ministry and I preach this truth ... It seems to me the tradition is being broken with the truth. Gainesville, Ga, Feed My Sheep Church, Bishop Eric Johnson


6-23-2008: I recently heard from a friend that tithing was not a requirement for believers under the new covenant. Although I was not ready to believe him, I felt I should find out what both sides had to say so I came upon your site. Your research and arguments are convincing comparable to those who are for tithing. Singapore, Joanne T.


6-11-2008: "Just a quick note to let you know that your work has encouraged me. ... Others have written works that have laid out tithing Biblically and I am grateful for their work. However, yours is by far the most scholarly and thorough work that I have read on the subject." Steve R.


6-10-2008: Praise God for someone who is not afraid to take on those deceitful ministers. You are a heavy-weight championl for Chrsit. May God grant you a long life so more people may be set free for the terrible burden this lie of tithing has caused for so many. Truly I can say thank you for your time and knowledge. Bless you. Dean W.


6-3-2008: PASTOR: "You sent me a copy of your book over five years ago. I have read and re-read its pages. Thank you for being another voice calling people back to the fullness of God's grace. As you know tithing is one of the most asked about subjects on our radio broadcast. So many Christians live in fear of God's punishment because they do not or cannot tithe. What a horrible way to live and certainly the polar opposite of the freedom God has called us to. Again thank you for brinig clarity to a confusing subject." Bob Christopher, People to People Ministries


6-2-2008: "Was looking at the Chuck Swindoll part of your web site. Yes I did hear Chuck talk about tithing a couple months ago. It struck me as odd. ... I got him maraked as a closet tithing teacher. So many preachers have good teaching about the Gospel and salvation except when it comes to money." Jeff


5-24-2008: "I have read your reply to Dr. Hemphill's article on tithing that spoke to the CBS feature on TV. I agree wholeheartedly with your theology regarding tithing. The truth of your message needs to be more widely understood, especially in many Baptist churches." B. Boggs


5-16-2008: "I'd like to say to you, I thank my LOrd for people like you! This is the truth about tithing and this is the only truth. [broken friendships followed] ... My dear brother in the Lord. God bless you and keep you and please never stop what you are doing." Maryland, Mario G.


5-1-2008: PASTOR: Thanks for the article you gave all of us. I am going to take your advice and incorporate more writing in the area of tithing. I have just been asked to leave my congregation because of my web site on tithes. I really appreciate you and your advanced knowledge in this area. Edward F.


4-27-2008: “I would first of all like to thank you for taking the time to devote an entire book on the subject of tithing. I say this against the backdrop of a dearth of good scholarly literature in our modern church culture. ... I was happy to see using the age-old principles of biblical exegesis that my conclusions have merit, especially after having read your detailed and thorough work on the subject.” Florida, Al M.


4-21-2008: “I saw your (3-2-2008) spot on CBS and also visited your web site. ... I was told if I give an offering and do not tithe my offering would not be blessed and I would be cursed. ... I was told it is better not to give at all than to give less than 10%, ... I have gone through most of my Christian walk feeling cursed and confused and sometimes just ready to give up going to church altogether. ... Your response will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.” E. W.


4-20-2008: “You have really done your homework. ... I have to hold my head in shame as I have even taught tithing myself, putting a yoke on people’s necks that neither I nor other people could carry.  I have read most of your articles on the web site and found them very illuminating. I have asked my fellow elders to check out your web site and study its content.” Gary W.


4-15-2008: “I have a radio show on Sunday mornings and played the audio portion of your DVD on the show. Many pastors are angry but cannot refute what is being taught. Thank God for you and your ministry. ... I plan to air it on our public access TV channel.” Illinois, Vince Elam


3-31-2008: “Thank you for your work. It is extensive and outstanding. ... Your site has a listing for ‘grace giving churches’ and I would like to add to the list Calvary Chapels as I understand most of them reject tithing.” Harry G. [Note: it you find this to be true, please send church addresses.]


3-29-2008: “The issue of tithing would rank as the most controversial subject, even more than the gospel of grace which has taken such a huge beating within most churches. ... It is my belief than when Christians embrace grace the church would have no lack. ... Thank you for your efforts to address this huge fundamental issue in all churches worldwide.” AOG, Australia, Michael L.


3-24-2008: “Thank you for taking time to share with us on our [....] blog and offer some valuable insight on Abraham and Melchizedek. I pray that God speaks greatly through you and your works. ... Thank you for being in the firing line and speaking out and standing up for truth.” Australia, J. E.


3-22-2008: “After just reading on a couple of verses they use as proof it just took a moment to see what you had about the same verse. Then I knew enough and figured I should get the book. ... You have an army of Scripture and a story behind it. That’s it. That’s what was missing – the stories behind it.” Steve T., Ohio.

3-25-2008: Quite some time ago I stumbled on your teachings on tithing. I went back to the OT and studied it more closely. Then I went to the NT and studied. I have learned so many things as I studied on tithing and I do agree with your position. ... I wanted to say thanks again for opening my eyes. Your teaching encourages me togive with a huge amount of love but also not to pass my neighbor by when he is in need. I had often wondered why pastors held onto that one law when preaching grace. Thank you very much for your stand on what the Bible really teaches. Missouri, Marlene D.
3-17-2008: Most interesting.  I believe you have done an exhaustive search and study of the scriptures and commend your efforts. ... Dane W.
3-16-2008: Well, well, well!!! An intelligent and thought-out argument against the practice of teaching the church to tithe. I thought I'd never see such a thing. Incidentally the Apostle Paul had ample opportunity to tell the poor dumb Gentiles that they had to tithe seeing he wrote 2/3 of the NT but he didn't.  You'd think peope would see that.  Also Acts 14 ... Thanks for the great site. Arkansas, Charlene
3-16-2008: I saw you on the CBS News on March 2. ... My husband was encouraged by what you had to say. I then said that you took the time to email me personally  and this made an impact on him.  ... You gave him a glimmer of light once again.  So thank you.  Linda H.
3-11-2008: Very helpful information on an important subject. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put it together in a way which will enlighten and bring freedom.  Washington, Steve O.
3-5-2008: Jesus became a curse for us to deliver us from the curse of the law. That pastors use the guilt factor to fleece the flock is evident. Further reform is needed in the organized church to root out these teachings. I have received no "Amens" from the organized church concerning abandoning this error.  Paul exhorts us not to give under compulsion but to give cheerfully. Tithing to avoid a curse is giving under compulsion. Keep up the good work. Hope some folks listen. Greg S.
3-4-2008: I have recently had a major breakthrough in terms of my thinking regarding the whole tithing issue. Raised in a Christian family and taught that this was a "biblical" thing to do, my recent study of the Word and research tells me otherwise.  Bill L.
3-4-208: Thank you for taking the time to respond. I since have shared your tithing story with many of my Christian friends who think the same as you but were always afraid to express their points of view as they would be deemed heretics. May God continue to bless you for exposing His truths and know that a group of us here will be praying for your continued success. Marie U.
3-3-2008: I was very happy to hear your views on tithing on CBS. Finally someone who isn't afraid to come out and tell the real truth. Being brought up a Catholic my parents tithed even though sometimes we didn't have anything to eat. But the church had instilled such fear and embarrassment by posting names of those who gave and how much. My father finally made my mother give up the tithing ritual  to feed the family much to the anger of ouir priest. ... I have become a new born-again Christiian. Thank you for bringing this topic to light and I hope it rattles a lot of people  who are lost sheep in the controlling church. God bless you and may you continue to open the door to reveal the greed and abuse that is in the church today.  Marie U.
3-2-2008: I just watched a segment about tithing on CBS. My pastor would say that if a member didn't both attend and tithe regularly that he would not make time for them ... The church could be broken down into three groups: the entitled, the enablers and the lay people. ... I got a call from the asistant pastor who got a little nasty with me. ... The pastor told me to fall back in line. ... I guess my years of tithing didn't count for simple respect.  Deron E.
3-2-2008: I was reading with interest your views on tithing. ... As a teenager I watched a family tithe even when it took away from family needs. They had a child who eventually succumbed to illness and disability and yet the church let them tithe telling them that God would provide for all their needs, not the church who in the NT is charged with providing for them, not God. Georgia, Joyce F.
3-2-2008: Today I saw a segment on tithing on the Sunday Morning CBS show. ... This isssue has me a little charged up. [After going through required classes to joih a new church] the pastor absolutely ruined the excitement I had for the church. ... I look forward to reading your book to gain insight into the argument that comes up over this topic. Kansas, Jay. B.
3-2-2008: After looking at the segment on CBS News this morning I felt like you had been played. Apparently news about you has spread and CBS wanted to get some rating points. I assume the producer edited out a lot of your interview and the editor was sympathetic to tithing. Delwyn C. [Note:  They did  edit out most of the interview. The editor was neutral as an unbelieveer. Two thirds of the piece was anti tithing.]
3-2-2008: I saw you on the CBS Early Show this morning. It was funny because I came across your web site just last week (thank you! I'm learning a lot). ... It is amazing that with all of the evidence and articles and history that many still teach tithing as a requirement for the NT church. .. Well bless you brother as you continue serving the Lord.  Michigan, John F.
2-16-2008: I first of all very much appreciate your reply.  I will also say that  after further thought I do realize your point on tithing as an OT terminology that truly has no place in the covenant re-newed's world. ... I want you to know what a stir, in a great way, you and your web site has created hetween .... They'd gone to check out your teaching and we've been hammering away on Biblical discussions ever since.  This is what it's all about --learning. ....  Clint S.
1-17-2008: I want to thank you for taking such a brave stand against unscriptural teaching (which has) caused guilt to many good people.  Giving is godly and a fruit of who we are. William S..
1-9-2008: Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog. I had started to write a blog a couple of months ago on tithing and chickened out because of possible backlash. God has proven to me that I can trust him fully so I took a step of faith.  Brian J.
1-9-2008: I am an active advocate of your book and want to firstly thank you again for how this book has impacted me. [bought 7 copies] Dan T., Canada.
1-3-2008: I have read your materials on tithing and they agree with my spirit.  I knew something felt wrong about what churches teach but never took the time to research for myself. Thank you for all of your hard work. I recently attend a baptist church in ---- and have brought this to my pastor's attention, and, of course, tradition prevails." Barbara E. , NC
12-13-2007: I truly appreciate your placement of tithing inaccuracies on the web. .... Lazy people we Christians are. The Bible says it all and we won't read it.  ... I figure that 30+ years under the tutor (law) should suffice, especially since the tutor has too often been proven wrong. Gene A.

12-12-2007:PASTOR:  I find it very well thought out and useful. Idid a two-part Bible study for my small group at --- Community Church in Colorado on the subject of the tithe. The goal was to review the historical nature of the tithe and if it applied to the Chrstian Church. I think it went well and spurred lots of dicussion. COLO, Steve S.
12-12-2007: It is so very refreshing, uplifting and fulfilling to find someone of your educational degree who has not followed the false doctrine of tithing. ... I pray that God will bless you because you have rightly divided the Word of God. Doug T.
12-5-2007: We thank God for your diligent work and effort to make the book free to the body of Christ. Your labor of love is never in vain. We are going to give financially according to New Testament truth and always let the love of God and His Christ in our hearts motivate us in all we do in his matchless grace. Don K.
11-27-2007: PASTOR: I have taken some time to read your book on tithing.  I want toapologize. As a pastor I have lived on tithes for some good time. It was a sermon I made at lest every quarter. You have made me change my mind and approach. If my church was fully independent I would vgoroursly teach as you have done. Uganda,  D. N.
11-25-2007: PASTOR: [paraphrased] When I told my church that I no longer thought that tithng was biblical for Chrsitisns the elders asked me to step down and threatened to close the church. When I asked to explain the issues to the congregation first they changed their mind. Now no mention of tithign is made in my church." Mac
11-20-2007: PASTOR: I came across your web site and I am in total agreement with you on the titinng issue. CONN; SBC pastor D. J.
11-18-2007: I found your book very interesting and enlightning. It has answered many questions that I had and many that I did not have. Thank you for this work." Mike B, Australia
11-13-2007: "I have always tithed and felt very good about my giving. Now that 10% is gone and I realize that my giving is a reflection of where my heart is, I am not very satisfied, I think God is calling me to give more." "I had lost my joy in giving. Writing out my tithe check every week was no different than paying any oher bill. I now give the same amount but th joy has returned."  Response to William below.
11-9-2007: The pastor told us not to contradict the leadership or else look for a new church.  I asked if they would be willing to study the issue of Christian giving. ... I gave them some material to read and three weeks later the pastor came to me excited! This is good stuff! I never did enjoy teaching on tithing, now I don't have to. ... I took it to the old pastor and three weeks later he agreed and asked me to present it to the church elders. Three months later we have just become an official non-tithing church. The material in our foundations class on tithing has been removed and replaced with the scriptures directed to Christins. Oregon, William.
11-7-2007: I am currently reading your book regarding tithing. I must say that I am truly getting a Bible lesson that I have never received. Thanks so much for your insight." Ashley, Acworth, Ga
10-31-2007: You are a blessing in the search for truth in this particular subject. When pastors in my place hear that I am not practicing and teaching tithing I was accused of being of the Devil.  I prayed for them instead for I sense that they are making this law as their means of livelihood at the expense of innocent, or shall I say, ignorant believers." Bernardo C., Philippines

10-27-2007: "I thank the Lord for giving you wisdom to write this book.  ... I personally believe that wrong teaching about the subject of tithes has contributed immensely to make people go out of the church ... How come somebody living in poverty (ie Ghana) and coming into his father's house can be met with things that will burden him and make him regret having entered the church?" Joseph A., Ghana.


10-25-2007: "This information is the greatest I have found from those who do not believe in tithing. I have earnestly searched for scriptural truth on this subject all over the net. Thank God I got to this site. ... I shall however continue giving as recommended in the NT." Moses M., Uganda.


10-25-2007: "Excellent stuff.  It profoundly rocks the system of traditional belief in mainstream Pentecostal churches in the current church era." Jona S., Fiji


10-24-2007: "I think this book will help me a lot on how to live a better Christian life." Mashudu, S. Africa.


10-24-2007: "Wow! Your tithing teaching has blown me away. The Bible says he rewards those who seek him. I came across your teaching after reading about 15 others. I think you are the most thorough. Thank you and well done.!" Jimmy B.


10-23-2007: "Thank you for your book on tithing. It is very detailed and well researched and I always appreciate scholarship.  Tithing ... has hurt many people and our witness of Christ. Larry A. , Illinois


10-22-2007: "Wow! Everything you said ... Thank you for your knowledge and having the courage to tell the truth. R. G., Atlanta


10-11-2007 "Thank you Jesus for godly theologians prepared to stand up and confront false teaching wherever they encounter (and do the hard work this takes)." Chris S.


10-10-2007: ""God gave you the bravery of a lion and I prayed that God give you more courage. Thank you for accepting to be used of God. The peddlers of this heresy know that what they are teaching is unscriptural but know that if they stop teaching the heresy their empires will fall." Mujuru


10-8-2007: "Thank you for answering a long-time lingering question for me.  I was saved by grace, not by the law so I never really understood how God uses tithing as a NT principles of grace." Kay B.


10-7-2007: "I just wanted you to know that your work is helping others. I teach at a small Bible school in northern California. .. I cite you and your book in my class several times. You did a really good job. ... Your book is needed." Mike Davis


9-28-2007: "I have just read your essay on tithing. What great writing! .. Your essay was encouraging. I suspect you are not an invited speaker in many Baptist churches are you? It takes courage to write what you do and I commend you." Jekabs B.




9-16-2007: "I would like to thank you for the time and effort you have spent studying the topic of tithing. About a year ago I debated the tithe issue with a former pastor of mine. At the end of the debate he agreed that under the New Covenant we are no longer required to tithe. However, he [wants to justify teaching it anyway]. R. F.  


9-10-2007: "I had a conversation with a young seminarian who was grossly misguided about tithing last semester at seminary. He met me this semester with a smile, looked deep into my eyes and bear-hugged me. His words were 'Thank you.' 'You blessed me.' 'I was wrong.' 'I've been wrong all of the time.'" Name Withheld.


9-8-2007: "I thank God for men like you and because of such teachings I have gathered courage to say goodbye to these mainline churches which take tithes and now fellowship in small congregations where the concern is Christian fellowship and not getting rich and not trying to buy God by giving to the so-called men of God.  Here in Africa the oppression of believers by pastors is shocking.  Believers don't worship in freedom but in fear that if you stand against tithing the men of God will curse you or your are "touching the anointed." The Pentecostals like too much to intimidate believers by using "touch not." I wonder which God they are worshipping who can be used as a tool for intimidation of believers." M. M., S. Africa


9-7-2007: "I found myself not being able to put it down. I now have my wife reading it." Reg Look.


9-6-2007: "Only God knows how your book, essay and video truly embodies the truth that is evident in the Bible about tithing and Christian giving ... I believe any Christian or pastor who is incorrigible after exposure to this tithing truth and continues to espouse that doctrine for his church is just being greedy and faithless to trust the Holy Spirit." Charles A., Toronto, Canada.


9-1-2007: "I am a former pastor who also used to preach tithing. In the early nineties I began a lengthy re-study both historically and scripturally on the subject of NT tithing. In the end I was absolutely convinced NT tithing was an error foisted upon Christians. After that my wife and I started to give in accordance with NT passages. We have never regretted that decision and the Lord has continued to bless us." K. McMahon, Calif.


8-30-2007: "I wanted to thank you personally for the effort, time, prayer and hard work you put into your book. The Lord used this book to open my eyes to the truth about tithing." Patrick W. 


8-27-2007: "I know all too well the abuse of this corrupt doctrine of tithing. I have been ejected and severely rebuked. ... I'm very pleased to see others take up this fight as we have been telling the truth for many years." Lee. K., Montana


8-21-2007: "I agree with the statement concerning freewill offerings, not tithing. I have recently spoken with one of our pastors and they come back with statements that it is dangerous [to question tithing]. I have felt this way concerning tithing for 25 years but pastors do not want to know." Albert D., Australia


8-20-2007; PASTOR: "Very good and needs to be read by many Baptist preachers of our day along with others. Thank you for presenting truth from God's Word. ... Your information was very helpful to me. I decided a long time ago tithing was not NT church giving and with your book you gave me more of what I needed when talking to others about the subject. Thank you and God bless you and your work." George H., Kansas; Baptist preacher.


8-20-2007: PASTOR: "I am blown away with your research. This contradicts everything I have ever heard preached about tithing and explains why it never sat quite right with me." ... "I am thinking that the area of emphasis of my dissertation will be legalism. I have been thoroughly refreshed reading your material. ... The very people who would argue that we are not under law would place themselves under this one. ... I must be true to His Word and not fear what any may think. God bless you for your stand as I know it will not be favorable to most but know that I will stand with you." C. E., SBC pastor 


8-13-2007: PASTOR: "I am convinced that we have been erroneously taught... I'd like your advice on how to approach many of my fellow ministers... This certainly is a Pandora’s box but I am willing to take the heat in order to proclaim the truth.... "Tithes and offerings" in Malachi have nothing to do with the tithing system that is implemented in our churches today. ... I can certainly see the controversy it will cause but I am looking for the truth and not popularity.. I certainly respect the depth and breadth of your work." C. Richardson, Pentecostal preacher, Virginia.


8-11-2007: PASTOR: "Very nice study. Many things that need to be said but I rarely hear. Thanks for the work." Albert C., pastor.


8-8-2007: PASTOR: "An eye opener to objective evaluation on a crucial issue in church life." B. F., Evangelical Pastor, Nigeria


7-26-2007: "I am so thrilled to read your articles concerning the truth about tithing. The Holy Spirit also revealed this to me several years back but not as the in-depth study that you have received from the Lord. I tried to reveal this truth about tithing to people in the church and I was quickly shunned and persecuted to the point that I had to leave for speaking the truth. ... Thank you for your time and love of the truth and I praise God for the blessing he has bestowed upon you." Sharon I.


7-10-2007: "First I praise God for your in-depth knowledge of the subject of tithing. I've been literally set free from the guilt associated with tithing. For years I've been a strong proponent of tithing. Year after year, week after week, I stood before the congregation encouraging people to tithe. Although I've never berated people to tithe I certainly embraced the idea that tithing was God's plan for Christians and that a curse was attached to non-tithers. .. For the last five weeks I've been doing an exhaustive study of this issue using your website as the foundation.  I'm so excited about this level of study."  NC; Ron H.


7-9-2007: Thank you for your confirmation because I thought that I was alone in this way of thinking.  ... You are a blessing from Jesus. I thank Him for speaking through you to me." D. U.


7-3-2007: "I think you have put it together extremely well. ... I am learning a lot from the great depths to which you address the subject. I really appreciated the sections on Malachi and Nehemiah and also the bit about King David using the Levites as public servants. I would also commend you on the attitude with which you write." David T.


6-26-2007: "Your tithing articles hit the nail on the head. Thank you for being forthright about the issue. In South Africa it is still a great taboo to speak against the guilt that the tithing law is putting on God's children." S. Africa, S. M.


6-26-2007; "God bless you brother.  I did read and study your book about tithing. It set me free from the bondage of the institutional church from 20 years of living in fear and curses under the lie or teaching or tithing. Even the so-called pastor of my church just cursed the congregation and preached poverty if we the sheep do not tithe." Julio R.


6-26-2007; "Your work stands as a definite accomplishment in the spreading of the gospel and you can rest assured that those who have an ear to hear are hearing." Atlanta, Ga; U. S.


6-19-2007: Site of the week.  Posted by GW staff on June 19th, 2007

A very impressive site dedicated to the historical and scriptural requirements of Tithing past and present.

Christian Freedom Ministries of Florida       Gary W.


6-15-2007: "I was totally blown away by your web site." Mike D. ; Florida


6-4-2007; "Is there a Pro-Tithe PHD thesis or a Biblical Per Review on tithing? ...I really don't expect there to be one becasue any research student even at the degree level would be a disgrace if they put forth such tenuous Scriptures as proof of this false doctrine." Michale M.


6-3-2007; "After fasting and praying for a week I found your site and was truly refreshed by what I read. .. I looked up most of the Scriptures myself also in various versions. What a treat." G. Williams


5-23-2007: "I am treated as though I have the plague or something when I try to discuss this subject with anyone. It's nice to know that there are others out there that want to speak the truth on this subject." Timothy S.


5-22-2007: "Great info and your web site is very extensive. I am a businessman and teach real estate and investment seminars for both church and non-church audiences." Todd S.


5-19-2007; "Thanks for the research. I am no more calling it tithing but still support the church." Jonathan U.


5-15-2007; My pastor was defenseless when I explained this to him., G. D.


5-14-2007; "Yours is by far the most scholarly treatment of the subject. I want to be prepared in every way to approach the pastor and other church leaders." LA, CPA, Lewis D.


5-9-2007; PASTOR: "I agree with you and the other scholars you have cited. This is indeed a taboo topic.  It is a sacred golden calf." Seminary PHD; C. S.


5-7-2007: Ohio; "Tired of being misled."; Gwen D.


5-7-2007; Guyana, "I can now be truly led by the Spirit." Pentecostal; Sharon D.


5-7-2007; "What a great work! Many stimulating discussions since studying the scriptures with helps like yours and others." OK, Randy P.


5-6-2007; "Set free from this false doctrine." London, UK; Michael M.


5-5-2007; Elder told congregation that tithing was unscriptural." New Guinea, Frank C.


5-5-2007; "Biblical hermeneutics is not applied when dealing with this issue and good men who are far greater scholars than I have either ignored this topic or just accept the authority of someone else." Don F., VA, Baptist SS Teacher


5-5-2007: "After more than a year of research and prayer I took the pulpit and told all the congregation in the amazement of the (other) pastors that tithing at this time is unscriptural." Frank C., New Guinea, pastor


4-24-2007 "Your website is just splendid. ... Tithing in the OT has nothing to do with giving 10% of one's income. Your satire page proves this marvelously! ... Are we supposed to meet the church's needs by teaching unscriptural crap or by telling the truth and believe God to provide for our needs? ... Tithing leads to manipulation. ... There is a conflict of interests that would render any politician who did the same corrupt." Peter. L. , evangelical pastor, Belgium


4-16-2007; This book is like a breath of fresh air after I've been drowning. It's like an oasis after spending many years in the desert. ... It has opened up my eyes to what all was truly accomplished on the cross." Michael F., Dallas-Ft Worth, Texas


4-14-2007; Hawaii, "Thorough scholarly research." attorney, Pat L.


4-9-2007; PASTOR: S. Africa; [In a 3 day vision in 2005] "I was fully convinced by the Holy Spirit (not man) that tithing was done away at Calvary. And not only was I convinced but I was told to release the church I was pastoring at the time from the tithe on Sunday. At the beginning I was scared because my salary was depending on it. But soon we started receiving the freedom of giving and also God's riches blessing upon our lives. ... Going online and seeing that I am not alone is really refreshing and encouraging." Heinrich Neil Ministries


4-4-2007"Your essays brought me to a 3 hour study in the Bible. It was so awesome to spend time in His word and see the truth on this issue. " Linda H., Calif, AOG


3-28-07: "Excellent book. ... I appreciate your research. Thank you for using the basic principles of context and not giving a bunch of false/pretext like most tithing books do." Rick M.


3-28-07:  PASTOR: "I never saw such a well-prepared document. It cannot be refuted.  Thank you for this tremendous amount of work." Pastor L., Corsica, France


3-20-2007; "I don't understand how anyone who takes the time to study the issue can believe it is appropriate for today. I believe most people just take their preacher's word for it." Tom U


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3-01-2007: PASTOR: blog posted 3-1-2007  Matthew, Now I’m a word-by-word, beginning to end sort of reader, and I FIRMLY believe in establishing the full context for all scriptural references (I usually at least try to read the entire chapter when scripture is used as proof of ANY concept). Also, I believe it is just as important to identify “to whom” a particular scripture is directed as it is to identify the proper meaning and context. So it took me a while to finish Mr. Kelly’s book, since I examined each of his scriptural references thoroughly. I have to say that this book not only proved to me that while giving liberally to God’s work is most definitely a Biblical principal that is still in force, and that tithing is not scriptural under the New Covenant, this book also brought me back into a closer relationship with my Lord…and for that I thank you Mr. Kelly….God bless you for you work.


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